What room/space are you most excited about?

lavender_lassMay 24, 2012

Okay, I'm bored this afternoon...but I thought it would be fun to talk about what room/space we're most excited about, with our new home. So many of us look forward to bigger kitchens, more luxurious baths, or a larger entertaining space in the family/great room. But sometimes, it's something as simple as cubbies in the mudroom or a bigger closet that make us smile!

For me, while I'm very happy about the combined kitchen/keeping room, my 'favorite' place will probably be the sun porch. It's my little 'away' area, with room for plants, a little seating, lots of sun...and all mine! The kitties and I can go out and read a book or I can keep the kitties out of my plants in the evening, when I'm not watching them. With glass on three sides, it's got a beautiful view of the big lilac hedge and the horses in the pasture, as well as the roses out front.

So what's your favorite space or future space? If you're still in the planning stages (as I am) what space are you most excited about getting? Thanks for 'playing' and have a great evening! :)

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Oooh, I have 3- is that okay? :) First, a big, well-functioning kitchen. And then my project or work room (I haven't decided what to call it), which is my office/mudroom/craft room/laundry all in one. I'm also really hoping for a sunroom or at least a sunny nook....but I don't know if I'll actually get one, though.

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I'm thrilled with my kitchen, but my heart flutters every time I think of my music room adjacent to the beautiful sunroom. I will have a place for my grand piano (it's been waiting for me at my mom's house for a LONG time) and a place for our woodwind quintet to rehearse and give small house party performances. Oh, and this morning we even talked to our builder about the built in bookcase for all of our music.

The view from these rooms is incredible too. Here's a pic looking out of the sunroom. The music room is to the right, through french pocket doors.

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kelhuk--Can you post a picture of your work room? I'd love to see what you've done with it. Our home was just framed last week and I'll have a work/project/craft/hobby room---but not sure how I'll organize it. Martha Stewart featured her own in her LIVING magazine some time ago but my copy has long ago been recycled.

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The (future) kitchen, hands down. Our current kitchen is a small, cramped galley kitchen- not the best with two cooks in the house! To make it worse, they decided it would be a good idea to lower the ceiling.

The new kitchen will be large for a small home, with mostly drawers in the lowers, and few or no uppers. There will be a big triple window facing a mountain view, and windows on another wall, flanking the stove. There will be a prep sink between the fridge and stove, creating a separate work cell apart from the main clean-up sink. The ceiling will be 9'4"; a full two feet higher than our current kitchen.

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I'm most looking forward to my "Saturday Morning Room" that's right off the kitchen where I can sit and drink my coffee and read the paper after I clean up the breakfast dishes. I will be able to see the kids watching cartoons in the family room so we're still connected, but it will be peaceful!

I'm also thrilled to be getting a large mudroom. I will tackle a child who tries to leave a backpack, shoes, or a coat anywhere other than in this room! I'm kidding...kind of :-)

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I'm excited about this entire side of the house ;)

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I'm excited to have WINDOWS and OUTDOOR spaces. We currently live in a middle-unit townhome, so we only have windows on one side of the house, a miniscule patio, and a patch of grass that's more decorative than functional.

I am a full time mom & part time web developer, so there are weeks were I literally never leave the property. I can't wait to have a better view from my desk, and a yard for my son.

If things move forward as planned, we will be in our new house by September, just in time to watch the mature deciduous trees change color. :)

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Cbus mom- I had to laugh at your tackle comment. I forgot how excited I am for our mudroom. I really hope we can keep the clutter back there. Mine aren't even in preschool yet and it's a mess by our current entry. I can't imagine how crazy 3 school agers will be.

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Kitchen 1st, Master bath 2nd, and kids playroom 3rd. The others for obvious reasons, but the playroom is a space I am most excited to decorate. I can let my imagination go wild and do all the things to the room I wish I could have done as a kid.

I will be in there alot since my kids are babies...so it will be a fun spot for all of us!

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Well...this will sound weird! While I love my kitchen and master, I kinda KNEW I would love those spaces during the planning and construction, so it is not a huge surprise to be happy with them. But there are certain areas or views in the house that just make me smile and feel good. We have an unusual hall upstairs, our stairs go up straight, there's a landing, then they turn and go up a short flight more. When you reach the top, there's a window directly on the right, then this "hall" which is open to below, wraps around in a rectangle. It leads to all three secondary bedrooms and the play room. Winding around that hall to the end (dd's room and the guest room, which share a bath) is such a gracious and dare I say "pretty" walk. :) I never really thought about how that part of the house would "feel" during the planning. I complimented our architect for her great work!

And this one is really weird, but our shower is completely tiled in on three sides...the only open area is the big glass door. Every morning as I stand there getting my hair wet, I have this view of the adjacent wall which contains the door to the water closet. I see the fabulous thick casing around the door that I painstakingly picked out, the pretty door and my big fat crown...it is like viewing a little sliver of trim heaven! :)

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Gosh, it is hard to pick. It really depends on the day.

I've ALWAYS wanted a library and I'm tickled with the quirky, odd-shaped room with built-in bookshelves and cabinets and a generous window seat that we are building. Of course, it has French doors with glass panes.

And I'm delighted with the master bathroom, where we each have our own entrance off the bedroom, each have our own vanity and toilet and walk-in closet, and our own entrance to the shared shower between our spaces. After two decades of sharing a vanity, I'm looking forward to the morning when I reach for my hairbrush and isn't wet from his shaving nearby. And he looks forward to not having to worry about the position of the toilet sheet at night.

But I think what I am most excited about today is the functional, multipurpose mud room. It leads to the shortest path between our house and barn and is a large triangle that connects the house (off the kitchen/great room) to the garage. One wall has the washer, dryer, cat genie and laundry sink, generous counter top space and cabinets. The opposite wall has mudroom cubbies, hooks, and bench seat, plus a small broom closet and a large coat and boot closet. And the third wall has large windows looking onto our horse pastures with desk/printer/filing and paperwork/mail area. It's a really functional, utilitarian room that should work as a drop zone for a lot of the mess and transition between barn life and home life. Oh, and there is window in the fourth (very short wall) letting us see out to our pasture on the other side of the house. The mud room is about 400 sq ft and I think it's going to be really livable and practical.

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gaonmymind, how fun to have a project like that to play with. I will look forward to pictures.

whallyden, that's a great floorplan. I particularly love the generous pantry.

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Having been in a rental for a year, the whole THING is my favorite! Just there tonight imagining sitting at my kitchen island looking out over the orchard and Mauna Kea, having a dishwasher that is quiet and cleans the dishes, and showers that have some water pressure!

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I too have been living in a rental for almost a year - in a weird old house. I've spent the most time planning a wonderful kitchen. The kitchen here is something else - I can stand in one spot and reach the fridge, the sink, and the stove, I can stand with my feet flat on the floor and put my hands flat on the ceiling (I'm 5'6"). I am super excited about my future kitchen.

The front door is in the kitchen so there is always shoes and stuff everywhere so I'm looking forward to a mudroom as well.

But, and this is probably kind of sad, what I am most looking forward to is the laundry room! To have a washer and dryer again, sigh. I'm even going to have a laundry chute! Going to the laundromat every 5 days (unless something happens, which seems to occur frequently) to keep the 6 of us in clean clothes and bedding is, well, not fun. And when my older girls come home and that makes 7, 8, or 9! Well, then it is even less fun. Yep, I dream of a washing machine.

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Yes, I agree... being in a rental apartment on the 3rd floor with stairs only and a new baby I can't WAIT for the whole house!! But my favorite spot is going to be the built-in window seat in the family room. I'm going to put a farm style table there and I know it will be a family hot spot for games, eating, etc. and a fireplace next to it!

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Graceshan, what an inviting seat with an ocean view. And I love the built ins around the fireplace. Wonderful room.

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I'm really looking forward to our playroom that is on the second floor. We are building a 'tree house' or overlook over the media room entrance. Also, there is a 'nook' in the wall (second picture). Hard to see it the picture with one of my kids, but both will be fun places for the kids to hang out.

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I'm really looking forward to our playroom that is on the second floor. We are building a 'tree house' or overlook over the media room entrance. Also, there is a 'nook' in the wall (second picture). Hard to see it the picture with one of my kids, but both will be fun places for the kids to hang out.

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Mostly the kitchen. I'm tired of small kitchens with no counter space, so I have a 9 ft island!

I'm also happy about the office. It has a big south-facing window and someday I hope to have a baby grand piano in there when my 10 month son gets old enough to play.

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