too much space between toilet and vanity?

bkmenaJuly 9, 2012

We're redoing a guest bathroom. It originally had a 36" vanity beside the toilet, and was very comfortable. Today we found a great deal on a vanity (75% off !!) but it's only a 30" vanity. How much space is too much between the cabinet and the toilet? I figured I could add a magazine rack and put the trash can there to fill the space. Any thoughts?

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I'd rather have too much than too little. I'm currently helping DD2 redo her MBath. It originally had a 72" double vanity with a pony wall between vanity and toilet. She wanted the pony wall gone, and we decided to go with a 60" double vanity. She'll still have enough counter space and the room won't feel so cramped.

Since we're working off the existing sink plumbing, we decided to work from the one closest to toilet, instead of the other which is closer to wall. Vanity won't look shoved in the corner. This eats up a little of the space she would have had, if she had worked off the other faucet plumbing, but the space wouldn't have allowed for a floor standing cabinet for storage, so...

Just make sure the 30" gives guests enough counter space.

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I agree -- better too much than too little. There is some interesting research about the spray pattern when a toilet is flushed. So the further the vanity is from the toilet, the better!

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thanks for your thoughts....

I'm considering setting the vanity away from the side wall (freestanding), any thoughts on the spacing away from the wall? I want it to look intentional and the space be large enough to allow for cleaning along that edge.

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Can you post the measurements along that wall? Where things are, any windows, storage, cabinets, etc that are there?

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