I'm getting that itch again

raforNovember 3, 2012

Anyone else itching to start the Christmas decorating? I don't decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving, but I'm raring to go for Christmas!

I think to get things started this weekend, I will begin moving or rearranging the house in preparation for decorating.

I'm even thinking of digging out the Christmas cd's :)

Yes, I have it bad.

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Oh, hate to admit it but I have already been scratching the itch. Today, DH is putting the lights on the evergreen trees, but in Wisconsin you must work early on outdoor decor or you could get stuck doing it in sleet and 30 degree weather.

Yesterday, I started doing the garland above the cabinets in the kitchen(and yes, I was also playing christmas cds while decorating).

We don't have family over for Thanksgiving, but that would definitely help me to control my urge(they would probably think I was crazy). As soon as trick or treat is done, down come the halloween lights and let the fun begin!

I confess that I am a Christmasholic. My DH is always joking that I need a Christmas intervention, at least I think he's joking.

So give in and scratch rafor cuz it feels so good.

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Ha Ha decor: at least someone else is on board with me!

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Me, me, me! However, I refuse to decorate before December 1st. It just dilutes the holiday for us, doing it any earlier.

I'm scratching my itch by redecorating my living room.

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Rafor, I'm so with you. Good thing I have Thanksgiving dinner to help me out! We do try to decorate outside so we can turn on the lights when guests leave that evening.

Decorcrzy, I want to SEE!!! Your home sounds like a beautiful place to be. What is nicer than Christmas music and the decor going up inside and out!sigh

I sure hope all of you will post pictures and share with us here.


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I've been in a whirlwind as of late so I'm behind but the itch is definatly sneeking back in.
Usually by now, I have the outside lights all up only in the name of not freezing to death or getting blowed off the roof later but this year that didn't work out. The next warm(ish) day however , up they'll go.
I won't turn them on before Thanksgiving though ,that's just wrong. lol
My neighbors have "wondered" about me for years I'm sure but only one has ever said anything. About 8 years ago, the guy across the street made the crass "Getting started a little early aren't you?" spiel. Well, yes , maybe but I'll get the last laugh when your wife shoves you outside in the dead cold to put up the lights and that dreadful reindeer that shines in our window every night. I finished the outside decor and waited. Sure enough , the cold day came, and there he was bundled up like the abominal snowman fresh from the antartic.
Per my sick sense of humor , I stroll outside with my hot cup of coffee and smile big/wave. He gets the hint and says something rude.lol
If I didn't know him well, it would be different but the stubborn ol fuddy just won't learn. lol

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Way to go, Girls. Get those decorations going and show us PICTURES! We LOVE pictures! I love seeing some our gang here already in the mood to haul out the Christmas decorations! No Grinches at your house. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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YES!!! bugging dh as we speak to get started,and take advantage of our cooler weather rather then sweat here in FL. Our outside job is quite extensive as you can see, we do all four sides of our home/yard.

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Wow, susieq...looks beautiful! I would have to start in July! Good luck...get that hubby movin'! TFS! Jeanne s.

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Rafor, you're my twin! I don't do Halloween or Fall decor but I love Christmas decorating!

In fact today I'm going to start decorating apothecary jars and a bottle brush centerpiece. I'll stick them out of the way until after TG.

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