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ginnierJune 28, 2012

I have a Whirlpool Double Oven Stove with a glasstop...It's actually almost 2 yrs. old and it seems to heat unevenly. I wondered if any of you have trouble with your double oven this way. If I bake a cake or pan of lasagna, no problem. But if I bake muffins, I have to switch the pans around midway and I still think they'd burn if I didn't shorten up the cooking time so much. I make these extra large muffies, as we call them, every two weeks, and probably have done so for over five years. They never burned with my old oven and I didn't have to switch them midway!!! Anybody have this type of trouble. It's getting exasperating, shortening up the cooking time makes them stickier. Maybe I am missing something!!!

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Are you using the top oven for muffins or lower oven or both? How are you switching them around? Have you checked the temperature of the oven with an independent thermometer?

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I think I did at first, check the temp. and all was well. Maybe I ought to do it again. I used the top one first and now I have used the bottom (larger) oven ever since. And at the half way thru cooking, I switch the two pans of muffins, end for end and left to right.

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