battery Christmas lights

livvyandbellaNovember 12, 2013

I am looking for lights to string around some bushes. I have no outlets in the area. Does anyone know where I can buy lights run by battery?

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QVC has very nice battery lights. Bethlehem lights makes them. I believe this will be my 5th year using mine. I have 50 lights per strings that take, I believe 3, maybe 4 C batteries. I put them up on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and take them down just before the MLKing holiday in January. I have never had to replace batteries while they are up. I read in some of the reviews that they work best with Duracell batteries. They operate on a timer, by photo sensor, or by just turning them on. Timer is the most convenient; set it and forget it. They twinkle or are steady. They are VERY bright. The second year I had them we had a blizzard one week before Christmas and they were buried under 20 inches of snow, including the battery boxes. The effects of them glowing through the snow was beautiful. They didn't stop running the whole time. Another tip is I have so much battery operated timer stuff now that I buy Duracell batteries of all sizes in bulk from You can usually get free shipping if you meet the minimum order amount. Without free shipping the shipping cost is around $7.00. I have done the math and that's still cheaper than buying batteries from Walmart when you factor in the taxes.

This year I purchased some red lights from QVC to go with my clears. I have tested them and they seem to work fine as well.

Also, Walmart has some this year as well, but even though they are indoor/outdoor they appear a little too small and they only have 20 lights per strong. I did buy a box and have tested them and they are very bright also. I will use them on a wreath for the door.

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We also have QVC battery operated lights with timer. Really enjoy them and very convenient if you do not have a nearby outlet. We just set the timer and forget it. We have multi-colored lights and clear.

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I have the QVC battery lights with a timer I'd go with QVC Here is a link for their live broadcasts You could go to their website to see when they are showing them then watch online (In case you dont get the TV program)

Here is a link that might be useful: QVC Live Stream

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I also have the lights from QVC, but when I was in Walmart on Sunday they also have them. Probably a lot cheaper too!

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I just bought some small strings of lights from Walmart that are battery operated. I didn't think they were safe for outside though.

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Got out the two strands of lights and changed the batteries and they still work DS will put them up outside later I really like them because of the timer

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There are solar lights out there, too ... I have some around the greenery surrounding the birdbath ...just a small string ... fun ...but you need sunshine. ;-) Jeanne S.

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I just bought some at Orchard Supply Hardware - LED Battery Operated C3 lights; there are 20 lights on the the strand which is about 9 feet long. Supposedly, they stay on for 6 hours, go off for 18, then come back on automatically. I have yet to try this out, though. They take 3 AA batteries and are indoor/outdoor...they were $6.99 regular price, on sale for $5.94 yesterday.

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They have LED battery operated lights at Menards for 4.95 per strand. I believe each strands lighted length is about 9ft and they have an assortment of colors and light ends (snowflakes/candycanes etc.)

And the best part about them, they are Timer, so you can set them when you want them to turn on and they will turn on and off by themselves! :)

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They work! You turn them on, they turn themselves off 6 hours later, then turn back on at the same time the next day! Wooo hooo!

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Another tip for battery operated lights. The greater the battery (D as opposed to C) the brighter they are and the longer the batteries last. At least that's my experience. I have gone to just about all battery operated on time decorations and they are just GREAT and so convenient. Set it and forget it!

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