Pocket or Standard Door - Bathroom off Kitchen

mtpam2July 30, 2012

My small bathroom - 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 plus vanity jog, is located just off my kitchen. We had a standard door which swung into the bathroom to the left, going just about 90 degrees before hitting the toilet. Directly across from the toilet is the Sink and Mirror to the right of the door opening.

This diagram shows the room I have available. Currently it is gutted and we were going to put a pocket door in to give me more room inside the bathroom. We were moving the doorway down a couple inches since we are replacing the toilet with an elongated one that is about 1 1/2" longer than old toilet.

My dilemma is the sight line from my kitchen into my bathroom. Before if the bathroom was left open, the door hid the toilet from view. Like this -

With the pocket door I think it will have to be kept mostly closed to get the same effect. And if someone goes in just to wash hands, the toilet will be in plain view. I don't know if this is a big deal or not, as it mostly just my husband and myself at home anymore and we entertain seldom and then it is usually family at the holidays.

I have added a copy of my proposed kitchen layout so you can see the bathroom doorway in relationship to the kitchen as a whole. The bathroom is at the bottom of the kitchen layout.

Do you think I should go ahead with the pocket door for the added room in the bathroom, or would a standard inswinging door be a better choice?

Any input you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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Do the pocket. It is your best option for space; and as you say, it is mostly family there. (unless you can change the location of sink and toilet.)

And, you will have a big ol' fridge helping to block the sightlines.

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I agree: the pocket door would improve the feeling inside the bathroom. Just be sure to use a heavy one with good sound-blocking properties.

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I don't think it's anything to worry about. I have never thought twice about seeing a toilet in a friend's home when washing up. And usually if company is expected the toilet is one of the first things I do a quick touch up cleaning for.

If you're concerned, could you put the toilet tank on the wall next to the door? That would allow for the elongated seat and still have the door swing in. Or you could put up a curtain track in the ceiling for a divider curtain you can pull across when desired.

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Thanks for all your replies. I guess I am over-thinking again!
I plan to use a solid wood door to help with the sound issue. I would like to trade the sink and toilet, but my husband doesn't really want to mess with the toilet stack. I might check with the plumber and see what it would cost to trade them and decide if the cost would be worth the benefit.
Otherwise, I will just use the pocket door and quit worrying about it!
Thanks again.

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Just a note -- we had the contractor convert our existing wooden swing door into a pocket door. It matches all the other doors. If you're getting a new door, you could have the design riff off the cabinet doors.

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I have my powder room in a similar location to your bathroom and if you take away your tub it is the same dimensions. I has a pocket door and I really like it. The bathroom has no windows so you really don't see into the bathroom well when passing by it unless you turn the light on.

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Our old door was a 30" hollow core door. I am replacing with a 32" solid wood door. I hadn't thought of matching the style to the cabinet doors. I will have to think about that.

Hags, its true, without a window the bathroom is fairly dim. Thanks for your confirmation that a pocket door is the way to go.

Thanks everyone, a pocket door it is!

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