The Christmas War...and I think the Bins are winning!

PurplemoonNovember 30, 2011

As with most of you, I've been dragging out the decoration bins. I have 12 of them. Then there's the stuff stored in garage cabinets, and a former big linen closet who's shelves became the Christmas closet. I swear, each year I manage to forget just how much stuff I have! Probably a good thing. LOL. Tho it would nice to remember BEFORE I go and buy more during the year. This year I felt I really needed to cut back on decorating. (Partly due to my 'missing' Christmas spirit, from missing my Dad

so much, and partly due to the blasted Fibro being so crippling in my legs.) So my 3 'big' trees are staying in

the shed. (now don't laugh, but they are only 6 ft tall each. So they don't really qualify as big trees at all.

They just happen to be MY big trees. LOL.) I decided to decorate a 4 ft silver tinsel tree that I haven't used the last few years, and a couple of other smaller trees.

But back to the bins and the war going on in my family-room as I sort thru stuff. I decided to donate things

I haven't used the last year or two, or no longer really wanted. So for DAYS the sorting has been going on, and I swear I feel I've accomplished so little as far as the actual decorating. Patience is NOT my virtue!

Today was fluffing garland and trying to place it. That has to be one of the worst Christmas jobs, LOL. I hate the stuff...till its actually finished and looking good. (there are times as I am messing with it, that I think the guy who invented garland is the same fool who invented pantyhose! Both are a lot of work just to look good for a short while!)

Do you go to bed so tired of seeing bins, and then your head won't stop thinking about them...or where you are going to put all the stuff that's in them? I sure hope its not just me being weird. ;o)

Oh....Jeanne, maybe I should not have said anything on your post about our mid-70s, tee shirt weather. LOL

The weather guy said a cold front is coming in on Thurs and will drop us into the 50's. Holy Cow, that's a

big change! We might even get some rain (which would be a good thing!) But I guess while I'm unpacking bins, I better get out my long-sleeve stuff.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, if you are weird You are in GOOD company!!! LOL
If not remembering what you have, forgetting where you put something is worse [sound familiar?].
I cant find my tree skirt DRAT!

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I'm with you Karen. Every year the mess seems to get bigger and there's more stuff everywhere. In the end , I find stuff I don't remember buying at all and the house looks like a Christmas color bomb exploded.
I've said many times I need to just quit it .... but I can'tttt. LOL

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~~waving~~ from underneath a pile of garland and wreaths. I did get my fall dishes put away and have started getting my Christmas dishes into my white cabinets. Bins - yep WAY too many but I was smart enough to pack things away in color co-ordinated clear bins last year so I can go right to what I want for tree decorating. My Victorian pink bedroom tree will go up first, then my handmade ornament tree then we will see what goes up next. I will decorate as long as I have the desire and ambition but I would like to keep the mess in a more centrally located area away from the main flow of traffic. Doesn't always work but at least the thought is there - lol .....


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Marlene Kindred

Shew....wiping my brow....I am SOOOO glad that I'm not the only one behind on my decorating. Just haven't been feelin' it here either. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had to go to the doctor because I had such a terrible backache that I couldn't get up or down. Never had one like that before, so on Wednesday I went. Not only had a pulled the major muscle in my lower back, but I had a raging uti to boot! Well, I must say if I'm going to do something, I do like to do it up right...guess this was no different. I managed to cook the holiday meal, have family over, and get all of the fall decorations put away. My DH brought in all of the dozen or more big honkin' totes that we have Christmas decorations in on Friday, but most of them are still stacked up. He put up all three trees, and we decorated the small 3 ft. "fishing" themed one and partially have the living room "angel/fluffy" tree done, but that's it so far. Just slowly plugging along, so don't feel like you're alone Karen.

And heck, Karen, I buy stuff that I see even though I KNOW I already have something's a sickness!

But, I guess we're just one big family here, so I say "GO FOR IT!"

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LOL! Hey, you Holiday-ers! YOU ALL ROCK! Sounds like we're all in the same boat (or should I say 'sled' this time of yr!) I figure, do what you can what you enjoy ... then sit back & smile! Lovin' it & pooped out! Jeanne S.

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Oh, yeah - I can relate! This weekend I'll be going back into the attic to pull down another couple of bins that last weekend I thought I'd just 'not do' this year and put back into the attic on Sunday, then over the week have decided I need just one or two items from said bins, so have to pull them all down again because OF COURSE I'm never good at putting things back into the bins that have the right labels (sadly, at this point I don't even bother to read my labels, because they're all probably 5 years outdated!)

Fluffing garland has got to be way up there on the list of 'not fun' decorating, but is also one of the things I love the most to spread around - yep, just call me a glutton for punishment! But, take heart - the bins never win - we can always wrestle them into submission and 'frou-frou' to our heart's content while they get hustled back into an attic corner to sulk!

And seriously - how do you fit all of your wonderful stuff back into 12 bins??? My stuff always seems to expand while it's on display and doesn't want to fit nicely back into it's bins (oh, yeah - that's right - I crazily keep adding to it...guess that makes a difference, huh?) I need a bin with a pocket black hole....hmmm, wonder if I could get that up the attic stairs?

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I seem to be right there with all of you. Work takes me away 5-6 days a week or I would never get it all put away. I do have alot of days that I'd rather stay home and play but know that's not an option. The day will come, I keep telling myself!

Enjoyed the read tonight ladies. I need to get some pictures taken and posted of what I've gotten done so far but it's more fun to come here and relax.LOL


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Can't relate at all--at least not yet! Have some friends coming for lunch on Saturday and knew I couldn't get the fall put away and the Christmas all put up in time--so no bins pulled out yet, but will soon.

Karen, all your stuff is so neat! Are you having your DD and DIL come pick through it before you cart any off to TS? I don't know about you, but I have such a hard time parting with anything--because I'm afraid I'll want it later!

And on the subject of garlands--not only do you have to spend all that time "fluffing" it, but then you have it all over the carpet and have to try to get it vacuumed up!

Take your time and enjoy admiring each of your goodies as you go--you know it always comes out beautiful! ;o)


P.S. Jeanne I love your graphic of the gal and lights.

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don't normally post on this board, I'm normally in kitchens and/or decorating. But I had to answer the "Do you go to bed so tired of seeing bins, and then your head won't stop thinking about them...?"

Yes, yes I do...because the entry to my attic (aka hole in the wall) is in my bedroom all the partially empty bins, empty bins, boxes, and anything else Christmas is sitting in my room waiting to be put away until I take Christmas down.

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