Cost of laying bricks externally

rajerseyMay 18, 2007

Can someone give me approx. costs to lay bricks (per sq. ft or per brick)? We're building a home in North Jersey and wondering if someone around my area can give me realistic installation costs. Thanks in advance

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Hello rajersey. Our brick layers just finished our house. They charged us $350 per 1000 bricks layed. That included the double roll outs around the windows, 1 column in the back of the house, keystons over all windows, soliders around the top perimeter of the house, quoins, 5 steps and 14ft arched opening. But we are in Arkansas, so that may be a little low for your area. He will come back and do the mailbox for $150.

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We own a masonry co. just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. We are charging on average $525 per thousand right now. Oversized brick are $600 per thousand.

Those prices are probably on the low end for our area. Especially for the high quality of work. We generally do large, custom homes in the $300,000-$500,000 + range.

arkansasgal got a good deal. We charge for all extra's.

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Mason #1 Quoted me $700 per thousand and he include 2 6 ft arches and all bullnose seals and weatertable brick in the $700. Quoins or Soldier Course addtional. You supply wall ties/Z ties

Mason #2 wants 850-900 per thousand,plus charges 400 for 6 ft arch, $200 for 3ft arch on circletop windows, plus 6.50 per lineal foot for every bullnose sill brick laid.Suppliess all Z ties/Wall ties.

Mason#3 Wants 700 per thousand, Full Quoins $1200, half Quoins 600. Arches 200(no size limit)Will supply own Z ties and wall ties.

Mason prices above are Luxury Mason's used to building Custom Homes.
In this area most homes brick labor is 500-600 per thousand. If you want special work, these guys have 'special prices'; I find its best to check there last 5 jobs to see how their customers fared and to also see their portfolio (if they have one..Most do!)

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I'm green with envy! The going price on infill here is $1,500 per thousand for modular (2 1/4"x7 5/8"). (And I remember laughing at masons in the early '90s who said "a buck a brick.") I'm sure subdivision builders get a break.

mamabird Want to fly north ?

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I think my builder told me he figures $1 per brick all costs in (labor and materials) on average.

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Woops! I should have mentioned I'm in Toronto.

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There are variety of factors that need to be factored in - number of stories, number of bricks, arches, sills, brick ledges, bonds, water tables, etc that work into the overall cost.

Excluding the 'additional items', most brick masons for straight running bond brick is about $650 to $750 per thousand for the good masons in Southeast/Central Virginia. English bond is a little bit more, and Flemish bond is about $1.10 to $1.25/brick.

If you're building a nice house, don't ever skimp on the mason. get the mason with the most experience doing quality work. There is a huge difference between good masons and the average mason (and another jump to the crappy masons). Good masons can handle the difficult things, don't skimp on ties, make correct weep holes/flashing, make things plumb, joint/rake cleanly and correctly, mix mortar correctly, and a host of other things.

Look for a mason that actually does good work and utilizes his labor correctly. Don't use a brick company that utilizes the cheapest nomadic group of laborers who think they can lay brick like its just a regular hard labor job.

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our mason is charging about $1 per brick, our house is 1-1/2 stories with walk-out basement and it's brick throughout. Our GC way underestimated the cost of the brick labor. I guess we better enjoy our maintenance free exterior! We have about 1/3 of the brick up.

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