How's Your Toto Washlet Holding Up?

monicakm_gwJune 3, 2012

Our MB remodel is 4.5 years old. Hard to believe. The only issue I've had so far w/ my washlet is mineral deposits on the wand that causes the water to spray differently. That was fixed by using a toothbrush and CLR (suggested by Toto technical support). I have yet to have to change the batteries in the wall mounted remote. Any problems with yours?


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Mine has been in for a little over five years and no trouble yet. It is doing better than my tapmaster :(

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claybabe, what's wrong with your Tapmaster?
The one in my kitchen is 10 years old. The only issue I have with it is UNlocking it from the locked position (where you'd use the faucet as normal), but, I never do that so it's not a problem. If I did lock it in place, I'd have to use my hand to unlock it.
That 4.5 yo Tapmaster in the bath is fine.

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The Washlet attached to the main toilet of the home of my sister-in-law in Kamakura (Kanazawa-ken) gave out and had to be replaced earlier this year. It had been installed in about 1991, and for most of its service life there were four occupants in the house who used it daily.

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I have a Coco 6035RB in Biscuit on a Toto Soiree (Sedona Beige) toilet, installed about 10 months ago. The unit has performed perfectly, but I had to replace the three AAA batteries in the wall remote a couple of weeks ago.

I'm very happy with the Coco and would purchase again. I paid $449 at ebay seller "decorate with daria." I couldn't rationalize spending several hundred more for the Toto brand washlet.

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Monicakm, tapmaster feels like she is losing pressure. Ironically, it started to struggle within hours of a TM post on kitchens wherein I bragged about it's easy function. I haven't had the inclination to dig around and sort it out: I would much rather waste time on GW!

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