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immaof3June 28, 2012

I am about to redo part of a kitchen in a house I am moving into at the end of the summer. I'm having trouble making decisions on several appliances since each has a feature I like. Would love some feedback.

Currently, I'm thinking about the following:

Wall ovens:


Thermador POD301


The wolf has a full extension shelf, three racks and recessed broiler.

The Thermador has a larger capacity, 2 racks, additional modes (not sure what they are)

And GE has racks that can be left in for self clean and is obviously cheaper.

Dishwasher I'm pretty sure I'm going with the Kitchenaid KUDE70 because it supposedly compares to the Bosch but dries and I think has a grinder. I can also get it at a very good price through kitchen designer (better than the model below).

I haven't even begun to look at microwaves!

There is also a 48" Thermador that is about 10 years old that I may have to replace. I've been looking at the same manufacturers as above but am debating gas vs dual. One gas I looked at does not have self clean and as I cook a lot, I feel that is a necessity.

I would appreciate to hear any advice/experience you have with these appliances.

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Of the ovens you are looking at the Wolf ovens are by far the best. The extra capacity of the Thermadore's are largely unuseable. Take the bakeware you would use for Thanksgiving diner to your local appliance store and see if you can fit a combonation in the Thermadore that you can't fit in the Wolf. I doubt it. Plus if you have the the extra capacity of a 48" range the extra size of the Thermadore becomes an even less relevant issue. GE Monogram is GE profile with different style door and upgraded racks.If you don't want to spend the money on Wolf look into Electrolux. The ones being shipped now should be coming from their brand new factory in Tennessee.


The KA Kude has a heating element but no grinder. These were designed for lower noise to compete with Euro dishwashers. The Bosch dries. It may leave some droplets on plastics and deep crevices but then again it does not put the wear and tear of cooking your dishes every dishwasher cycle.

48" Range)

If you have electric double ovens then you definetly want an all gas range. In general electric ovens are best for baking and gas for roasting meats. Electric wall ovens and gas range give you the best of both worlds.

A 48" Capital Culinarian All-Gas with self-clean has your name written all over it. In addition to a very hot broiler also comes with motorized rotisserie. And the rangetop has has powerful open 23K btu burners than can simmer down to 140-145 degrees.

Microwaves) Check out the Sharp Microwave drawer and see if you like. If not Sharp or Panasonic are very good. Or you can pay a pretty premium to get the same brand as your wall ovens so the doors and handles match.

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