my bit of Fall Decorating

PurplemoonNovember 6, 2010

I think I'm done with my Fall decor. Some of it, that I first did on Sept 21st, I'd left as it was right thru Halloween. Like the entry way with that antique sideboard. My Halloween decor was kept just in my family-room and bay window. So I'd removed the Fall just from there, and now I've pulled out my turkey stuff and redid the family-room decor. (The only change I made on my long kitchen counter was to put my turkey plates along the back of it in place of the plates I had out. I didn't take photos of this small change. And the original photo is in this album.)

But I still have some Fall things I'm clueless where to put! That's the problem of keeping things contained to one area I guess. I have 4 colorful turkey S&P sets for one thing. I want to display them, but not sure where or how. I could put them in the kitchen windowsill...if not for a certain "orange" problem who loves to watch the hummingbirds come to a feeder there. Its best to be careful what I put in that windowsill. LOL.

Oh, when I was pulling out my turkey plates to display, I found a small box labeled Halloween Plates!!!

Sheesh, I sure don't remember having those. That's what I get for putting them in the cabinet with Fall and Xmas plates I guess. Make note to Self!! Make a BETTER list of where things are stored this time!

Ok, on to what I did. Feel free to jump in with any thoughts or advice by the way. Earlier this year, on eBay, I scored some white turkeys. They are like my Holiday Elegance Christmas figurines, having a slight gold trim to them. With the exception of the turkey candy holder, its solid white. But I got two sets of candleholders and an S&P set. I decided to put them on a vintage tray I found last time I was at the antique mall. I've wanted one a long time. This has glass on the bottom, with a dark swirly brown pattern (paper?) beneath it. I decided this would work on my big end table, with that lighted copper sphere I found on Etsy and had out previously with my before-Halloween fall decor.

Then at Sav-On Crafts, I found a huge 22" high apothecary jar that I was thrilled about. A few weeks ago a stop in Ross' netted me some pretty, glittery, little pumpkins that I put in it. The pair of apothecary jars on the mantel are the same, just the rest of the decor changed on it. I tried making a tall floral for the hearth, and had the big old stoneware pitcher I put it in stored in the garage. I think my Mom had it before me, I know its been around a very long time.

I have added the 11 new photos to my 2010 Holiday Album, so here's the link.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: fall decorating photos

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Karen, it all looks beautiful! You've done a wonderful job of arranging all your pretty fall decor. I'll be going back to look some more and maybe make comments on some individual items, but just want to quickly say that you did a great job on the floral arrangement in the big pitcher--love it! Luvs

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Well, it looks great, just great. I like your white turkeys - especially the largest one. The apothecary arrangement is certainly nice too. Are those pumpkin tree ornaments in the apothecary jar? That's a very nice table that the arrangement sits on too. I like it very much.

Karen, you did a great job on the mantel - nicely balances.

Now, tell us a little about the pumpkin that has all those spotty brown colors in it. He's neat!

Saw these on the Pier 1 site and thought of you.

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Karen, I love everything you've done. There is so much to look at I feel like a kid in a candy store. Maybe we should get the bus on the road so we can all come to your house and see everything up close! OA, That stemware is priceless the one on the left looks like it has a smiley face on it. [that's what I see anyway lol]. Karen, OA Is tempting you!!!

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Oh, Purplemoon, everything is just GRAND...I loved lookin' at your pics with your Thanksgiving decor added!

Love the white turkeys on that tray & how you added the sparkly berries...looks great on your table! And that apothecary jar is a great those sparkly pumpkins. I contemplated "glittering" some the other day & almost bought Martha's glitter at HL...but common sense prevailed...I've always hated working with GLITTER!

Your fireplace wall is how you decorated the shelves right beside the fplace & the mantle display...everything is so pleasant & "Fall-ish" ... very comfortable room decor!

Love the glass & colors you used in the bay window...that spotty-looking pumpkin & the candles & holders filled with natural looking seeds/acorns/etc. Is your pumpkin "glass?" Just wondering cause I purchased a 50% off one a couple wks ago for $5 & added to top of my china closet now...will be posting pics later. Anyway, thought the glass pumpkin was so, so elegant! Love yours, whether glass or not.

Ok, I'm rattling...but EVERYTHING is just beautiful! (oh yeah, the flower arrangement in that pitcher by your dog statue) it, too! LOL! TFS! Jeanne S.

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so so pretty - love it all - I am this >Lynne

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Thanks, Gang. I really appreciate everything you say.
About the speckled pumpkin, yes it is ceramic. I found it last year at Joann's on sale. OA, the glitter pumpkins in the apothecary jar aren't ornaments, just table decorations.
The "spotty glasses" are cute by the way.

Jeanne, I don't like using glitter either but I learned two things. First one, do it outside. LOL. I usually take a shallow box, to catch the excess glitter and reuse it, and hold the item over it or sit it in the box. Also, a gal told me to put glitter in a salt shaker as it gives good control. Truthfully, I rather BUY glittered stuff. LOL.

I remembered this morning, thank goodness, that I'd bought a Pilgrim Nutcracker months ago. So got him out of my closet and he's now next to the new tall apothecary jar.
I also felt the green turkey on the kitchen counter was lacking, so added a slim little green vase of colorful faux mums to her and the Dollar Tree platter arrangement.

Karen who's still trying to find a place for
her 4 S&P turkey sets!!

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Karen, the white turkey setting is so pretty. Your arrangement looks so neat all lit up beside them. I enjoyed all of your decorations and could ramble on forever about them but agree with all the other comments. The ceramic pumpkin from JoAnn's is so different and what a beautiful finish on it. If you hadn't mentioned it was ceramic my guess would of been glass.

Those purple glasses with polka dots OA found are wonderful and would be so pretty on a table. I'm sure they are spendy and I wouldn't have the perfect dishes to go with them.

I love your Pilgrim Nutcracker. He's pretty neat holding his pumpkin and corn. Glad you came across him so you can put him out and enjoy him. Bet he looks great next to the new apothecary jar.

When I seen the green turkey I thought of Frou and how wonderful he would go in her kitchen too. Better keep a close eye on him.

Hope your feeling ok after all this beautiful decorating you've finished. I enjoyed it all very much.


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It is all so beautiful it's hard to choose what I like best, but that green turkey did catch my eye! Just because they are S & P doesn't mean they can't be featured in vignettes. They don't have to be on the table as
S & P's.

I really like that nutcracker too!


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Wow, Karen, you have a ton of great fall decor. My favs are the pheasants and the 3-tiered autumn leaves in the 8th pic! And I love all your filled jars...

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Karen... I commented on your other post, but then saw this one. I can't believe this is 'my bit of Fall Decorating'!
Are you kidding? You could decorate several homes with what you have and I'm amazed at how MUCH you've done so quickly.
Everything looks just lovely and so tastefully done.
Your shelves are displayed with such lovely items and I love how you decorated your mantel. Those Pheasants are beautiful and make such a statement. I see your lantern decorated for Fall. I'm so glad you're getting to use it in several ways.
Well, I said on your other post, that you were 'On A Roll'...and I don't think anything needs another all looks fabulous.
Just remember to pace yourself..I hope you can now relax and enjoy everything you've done...before the 'Christmas Rush' lol


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DANG girl!!!!!!!!!! You redid the entire house....
I'm not showin' my little bit of fall decoratin' sirree ! It is all beautiful though, but I'm surprised that the kitty slept through all of that fun stuff!!
Thanks for posting all of that....everything looks wonderful!

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Marlene Kindred

WOW Karen! All of your decorations are wonderful! What an awesome job...and so many GREAT turkeys!! I love, love, love them all! I do have one question...where in the world do you store all of your beautiful treasures in the off seasons? You have such a huge selection.....TFS!

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JB, you're too funny. I only did the family-room and kitchen area. Long way from the whole house.

Marlene, thank you. Storage can be an issue, as all the others on here will attest too. Luckily most all my Fall stuff fits in one huge bin in the back of my Dad's closet.
Its the Christmas stuff that's a nightmare. LOL.

Jane, I'm trying really hard to relax and enjoy things...
and NOT think about how I'm going to manage Christmas this year. I know once all those bins and boxes are staring in my face, I'm going to feel like I'm drowning this year.
And I can't swim. Help!!

hugs, Karen

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Karen, you have quite the flock there! You have done a lot of decorating. It looks lovely!
I am skipping it this year, just for tables. No energy!

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