Bertazzoni free hood promotion? Need help to make a decision

dkotovJune 26, 2013

I am buying the 30'' PRO gas Berta.
I also bought the 30" Zephyr Anzio - 600 CFM - 22 1/6 deep - $779 + tax

I haven't paid for the range yet and the store will return the Anzio so I can get the free Bertazzoni hood with the promotion if I want.

I know Free is not always the best :)

The free hoods they are giving away are the 400 CFM ones - I am not sure how deep they are. KU30(36)Pro1XV

The second option is to get a Bertazzoni one from the Master series K36 CON X which is at 50% discount - $650 + tax - it is 600 CFM but only 19 1/4 deep - not sure what the quality is - not too many reviews on those hoods.


KU30Pro1X - 30'' 600 CFM - $499

Not sure what to do? My heart tells me the Anzio is probably better but saving $300 -$800 is not bad too - I could get my faucet etc. for that money.

Any opinions on the Bertazzoni hoods? Not too many reviews out there.

Thank you!

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Curious where you heard/read about the Berta hood promo with the 30" Berta range. I keep checking their website but only see the free MW with cooktop/oven combo ending 6/30/13. Am I reading incorrectly or are is the hood promo on a dealer site? I would appreciate information as I will be purchasing the 30" PRO as well. Thanks.

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Well, a friend sent me couple of websites and then I called the store and asked them and they confirmed. The promo is not for all the hoods' models though. Just a few are free and the more expensive ones are 50%. I think it was eff 06/15.

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Thanks--I will check it out.

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