Help with medicine cabinet door problem

kategigJune 28, 2013

We made the mistake of installing a recessed medicine cabinet and scones on eother side. The door swings open and if you don't stop it with your hand, it hits the light fixture. Any advice on putting a "stop" on the door. It is a mirrored door on both sides so we can't screw into the door. TIA

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Babka NorCal 9b

There are clear dots that have a sticky back. We have one on our refrigerator wall that keeps the adjacent cabinet door from whacking it. Can you put one on your sconce? Without a photo it is tough to know where it bangs. You don't want a dot on you mirrored med. cab., so I hope you can put one on your sconce. Otherwise you will always just have to be careful not to bang it. We had used to have a cabinet knob on a vanity door in our bathroom and I just had to remember not to open that door too vigorously.


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This doesn't help solve your problem at all, but I'll nonetheless note that we have the same situation. We've lived in the house for 7 years and it has really not been a problem; it's not like anyone just throws the medicine cabinet door open (and we have kids).

We're re-doing the bathroom and will probably have this situation again and just live with it, since I know of no good solution, unless you buy a cabinet built in such a way that the door stops at 90%, and I haven't seen those in the traditional style we want.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Had an idea...can you make a short chain or string or even folded thin duct tape that you stick one end on the inside of the door and the other on the inside of the med cabinet to limit the swing of the door? Something flexible, Hot melt glue works too with a pretty little brass chain. You can try it out with blue masking tape and see if it works before you commit to the hot melt glue.

Just a thought.


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We are making a custom cabinet and will be faced with the same situation. Fortunately though, the interior of the door of our medicine cabinet will be wood. They do make chain restraints, but we are not thrilled with that option. Unless I find something better, I think we will be going with the one in the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet Door Restraint

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I have a Robern cabinet. The manufacturer will supply, if asked, a stop that fits on the door hinge that limits the swing to 105 degrees.

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