DW finalists - bosch Asko and miele - owners pls help me choose

billy2004June 13, 2012

Welcome thoughts, pros/cons between following finalists:

Bosch SHX55RL5UC -- favorable reviews on line

Miele G2432SC (discontinued) -- only found 1-2 very negative reviews...but it's a miele, right??? has 3 sprayers, we like the 3rd tray... but lacks integrated face. anyone have direct experience with this model?

ASKO -- looking at 1-2 models locally on closeout. like the size, 3 yr warranty. Anyone own 2009-2011 askos out there? Do they fit next to standard cabinets, under standard countertop height?

All models are priced comparatively


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I have a Bosch, not that particular model, a less fancier one, and I LOVE it!

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I'm not sure what model of Miele you are looking at but if it has cutlery tray and water softener it will be great. I have had mine about 7 years now and no problems. Quiet and cleans dishes very well. It uses very little water and no heating element in the bottom means not melted plastics.

I am having a new house built and I am going to put a Miele Dimension in it (1 down from the top).

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I have a new miele and love it. The only downside is the glass holder/upper shelf which is small for my large drinking family. We had a newish Kitchen Aid stainless DW and it left a white, mineral film on everything unless we added vinegar even though I used Jet Dry and we have a water softener. With the miele, I put in the Cascade tabs that has both liquid and solid and everything comes out crystal clear
As someone on this forum said, you empty your DW everyday (or almost) and there is nothing more annoying that unclean dishes.
My girlfriend had the ASKO and loved it, but when she needed service, it was hard to find someone local that was authorized and it was a pain to get parts. She replaced it recently and the new DW (a Bosch?) didn't fit into the hole.

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The Optima II you are looking it is by far the best DW of the three.

It will be the only one with water softner and probably the only one with cutlary tray depending on which Asko you finally whittle down to.

In any event,I would highly recommend the Optima II.

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The Miele G2432SC is an Optima, and I have read a few negative reviews about it over the past few years. I have the G2143SC Diamante for 2 years, which is the model below the Optima, and haven't had any issues with it. Not sure if those people that had problems with their Optima had bad installs, which caused the problems, or if they were just defective.

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