a blogger's BEAUTIFUL Fall decor

PurplemoonNovember 18, 2010

The farther down I got, the more pictures I saw, the more I was practically drooling on my keyboard! I love her style, the furnishings, etc. Her house must be gorgeous!

Right now I'd settle for some of the ceramic pumpkins she found tho!



Here is a link that might be useful: beautiful Fall decorating

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What beautiful displays. It is wonderful to look at.

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That was a real pleasure to look at - her ceramic pieces are so unique and beautiful - those chargers are stunning - everything is perfection. I have bookmarked her site so I can peak at her Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing the link .....


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Gorgeous & elegant ... lots of beautiful dishes/pottery. Happy to see she's on "Tablescape Thurs." Enjoyed, PM, thanks! Jeanne S.

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Karen, you found us a beautiful one to enjoy! I just glanced, bookmarked it, and came back here to thank you! I knew if I didn't, I could be there so long I would forget! I'm all excited to go spend some time just enjoying it all!


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Ohhhh, I like her dining room decor and table a lot! Thanks for sharing it with us, Karen!

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Thanks for that link Karen, I look forward to future posts from this blogger. She has some gorgeous things.

Those chargers are fantastic but I found it a bit odd that she says she has 4 so used them for the hosts' place settings. Altho she never showed the entire table it looked as if it was set for 4 guests. I'd have used the pretty chargers for the guests and the plain ones for the host and hostess. I also am not a fan of only the hosts having armchairs so I have mismatched armchairs around my table and only use the side chairs if we have more guests than armchairs and the kids get them most of the time. I have 6 armchairs I can use. I think guests should be treated preferentially but that's just me I guess.

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Thanks for sending this to us. I will look forward to seeing what else she does. I just love those layered, overdone tables, they look so rich. No catsup bottle on the table, huh? pat

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