6 ft vanity design

jasperdogJune 1, 2013

We have two bathrooms that have room for 72" vanities. We would like to have double sinks and pendant or sconce lighting. One end of the vanity is against a wall. How do we design the vanities so that there will be room for at least 3 (one on each end and one between the sinks) or 4 lights and still get useful drawer space for hair brushes, etc. Style is contemporary/modern with undermount sinks. Mirrors can be two separate or one large.

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jasper --

My post about my completed bath (faux green marble post) that I recently posted shows my custom 6ft long vanity with 2 sinks. By making the central drawers narrower, the sinks could be closer and allow for 3 sconces, or you could use one continuous mirror and mount the sconces in the mirror itself.

If interested, I could pm you the plans for the vanity my cabinet maker sent me. I used a modification of plans that have been posted by others.

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We just completed a 72-inch vanity with double sinks and 3 sconces. There are walls at both ends. We experimented with various designs and are pleased with what we worked out with the cabinet maker. It is a contemporary design with several drawers and a central pullout.

We left for Japan 2 days after the contractor completed most of his work, and we just returned home yesterday. I haven't taken pictures yet, but I will try to send some in the next few days. I don't have the 2 mirrors yet, but you will be able to see placement of sconces and design of the drawers.

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rjr220 - Thanks for the reply. Yes, I would be interested in knowing how wide the doors and drawers are.

dibgar - I would love to see pictures.

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