Already installed Hansgrohe 3/4-Inch iBox..can i run 2

RedsDFJune 22, 2013

Already installed Hansgrohe 3/4-Inch iBox..can i run 2 showerheads at the same time? if not what would i have to do to make it possible? Rainshower head and handheld shower...

totally forgot to look into it prior...doh

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Do you also have the Quattro or the Trio diverter? I think you need a diverter. Have you looked at the Hansgrohe brochure that is on their website? It has a LOT of shower configurations. Here is a quote for the Quattro:

"Quattro 3-Way Diverter Selects between three functions or a combination of any two".

I think the Trio selects from any 2 functions or combo. But I am not sure about the combo part of this equation.

I will post a link to the webpage with the downloadable brochure. The link will be at the bottom.

In my pending setup I have the following:
1) ibox x2
2) quattro diverter (can select any 2 functions to run at the same time out of 3 options)
3) hand shower on bar
4) Raindance E 420 AIR 2-Jet Showerhead (this is where the second ibox goes)

Hope this helps somewhat. Maybe someone else will have more experience than I. Here is another GW thread that has a lot of info but not sure if it has the info you've asked for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ibox Universal Plus Hansgrohe

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Sorry, not sure if I am following. I only have the ibox behind the wall. no additional diverter.... I tried looking at the link but am still just as confused. Have put in an e-mail to Hansgrohe as well

please help!

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