XP Windows upgrade to 32-Bit Windows 7

CricketmJanuary 22, 2014


RE: Dell Dimension DXP051, Intel(R), Pentium(R)D CPU 2.80GHz 2.79 GHz, 512 MB of RAM 3/25/2010 2.00 GB of RAM, Windows XP

I checked and found out that my Dell computer can be upgraded to Windows 7. It is compatible to Windows 7.
I've been very happy running Word 2002 in Windows XP Service Pack 3 on my Dell DXPO51. I am about to buy Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit to upgrade my Dell desktop before April 2014.
I have some styles and macros in Word 2002 that I'd like to be able to use on the new computer. I also want to avoid as much as possible any time on a learning curve with respect to commands, etc. So I'd like to install Word 2002 on the computer. I've looked in this forum and elsewhere, and can't find a definitive answer, so I thought I'd ask again:

  1. Will Word 2002 work on my Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit computer?
  2. Would it be advisable to install it in compatibility mode?
  3. Will Word 2002 styles work in Windows 7?
  4. Word 2002 Macros?
    If I need to get a new version of Word, I'd like to avoid Word 10, since it apparently is very different from Word 2002 insofar as commands, etc. So my last question is:
  5. Which version of Word is closest to Word 2002 in commands, etc that will still work ok in Windows 7?
    Thanks for any advice!
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I think you have insufficient RAM for Win 7. Also, I question the wisdom of spending money to upgrade a PC that's at least several years old.

You're using very old software and from your descriptions it's working fine for you. Why do you think a different approach is needed with the operating system?

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I agree.

Up Grades can turn into an issue especially with an older machine. Up Grades copy files over, leaving old files, registry entries, drivers behind, These are the machines that come into the forums with issues that no one can quite figure out.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

When you speak of upgrading "my Dell computer", you're not speaking of installing an upgrade over top of XP are you? If so, I misunderstand, so disregard the rest of my post. :)

So I'm assuming you intend to purchase a retail version of Windows 7 and do a clean install. In the first line of your post you mention 512 MB of RAM, a date, and then 2.00 GB of RAM. Does that mean it now has 2.00 GB of RAM or maybe 2 1/2 GB of RAM? Either way, I'm no expert but I'd think 512 MB is less than enough, but either 2 or 2 1/2 GB would be fine.

I don't know much about Office, but wasn't Office 2003 was the last version that had the old style menu, before the newfangled ribbon came along.

According to this, your Office 2002 would not be compatible but according to this, Office 2003 would be.

Would your 2002 macros work in 2003? I don't know.

Would it be worth the expense of buying a retail version of Windows 7, as well as Office 2003(or at least Word)? To me, probably not, to you, only you can decide.

Personally, since it works, I'd probably just continue using it.

Continue running a good real-time AV, occasionally scanning with a couple on-demand malware tools(Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware come to mind), use Firefox or Chrome(lie detected), using the WOT add-on(trusting it somewhat less than fully), and being careful what I open(email) and what I install.

Just my opinion though.

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Colin....very informative and excellent advice...I will take your advice..Thank you very much....I really appreciate your input.....

Snidely...I have enough RAM...2.0 GB of RAM. Why? Thought I had to update it because it was XP and it was not going to be supported after 4/2014

zep516...I agree. I am not going to upgrade.

chuggerguy...thank you for your info.

I have a lap top with Windows Vista.....and a Desktop with Windows 7.0 Home, and Windows Desktop with XP...and my favorite computer to work on is my Windows XP.....so in the meantime I will be a sticking with XP and be a cautious user. Thank you all! You helped me make a decision.

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