Long 1 Sink vs. 2 Sinks - Any cost savings?

pbx2_gwJune 18, 2012

Our new build has an upstairs hall bathroom that the builder say could save us upwards of $1K if we decide to go with a 1 sink vanity combo vs. a 2 sink vanity combo.


1) What if we went with one longer sink with 2 faucets?

2) Can we save on costs using a long cultured marble sink? Ceramic sink?

3) Something less costly?

Our thinking is the costs comes into play of 1 vs. 2 sinks in cabinet costs & the one additional plumbing line.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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I just got the estimate for my marble vanity top and although it wasn't itemized, I know it was cheaper for them to cut one hole for my single sink instead of two; I'm sorry I don't know the exact amount. So one long sink would save you money. But what about the faucet? Have you picked one out? Two will cost twice as much (duh) Mine was a remodel, so the plumbing didn't change and I can't tell you what that would run.

My son's upstairs hall bathroom has two sinks. It is shared with guests (mostly grandma) and I think it's nice to have two sinks.

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We're remodeling our hall bath that currently has 1 sink with a make up vanity. We are putting in 2 sinks, but that's bc we have two kids and the fights over the one sink are notorious.

I saw a couple of cute kids baths with one long sink (more of a utility sink) with two faucets. It's probably a different look than what you are after, but you might want to look on houzz.com for some photos. Also, think about how you are going to use the bathroom. For us, two sinks were a must. However, the original owners obviously thought 1 sink was fine.

I also know from pricing vanities, that pre-made one sink vanities are usually cheaper than the same size two sink vanities. Are you buying pre-made/stock vanities or is your builder making custom vanities for you? Also the type of material that your counter is made from will affect the cost. Have you priced longer sinks? That may more than offset the cost of putting in two sinks, depending on the look you want.

You may want to ask your builder for more details. Good luck.

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1 sink vanity combos are typically not as wide as 2 sink combos. 1 sink combos can be as narrow as 18" and as wide as you want (prefab usually maxes out ~5-6'). When the builder talks about saving $$ by reducing to one sink, which components are shrinking? The vanity size, the countertop length, # of faucets, # of drains, # of sinks--all of the above? Odds are he quoted you the $1K based on reducing to a 24-36" or narrower vanity, 1 sink, 1 faucet, 1 drain, and reduced countertop length to 24-36" or narrower. There is no way that deleting 1 faucet and 1 drain will save you $1K. You need to get these answers first before you make any decisions.

The bigger question is are you ok with those changes? How will they affect the layout, overall functionality for the # of people who will be using that space and aesthetics of the room? If you go with the "less expensive" option, will you then be looking for something to fill the void in the room left by the shorter vanity? Filling the void could end up eating the savings or even put you overbudget.

Hope this helps!

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Great points by every1 thanks!

Addressing some of those points:

1) a combination of material & plumbing is what our builder is thinking: drain, faucet, counters, cabinets = $1K

Back of the envelop I can sorta how that may add up to $1K esp since he says his plumbing sub charges him $400 for each 'bib' (when discussing a pot filler & outside hose placement).

That said, I think one long sink such as below & serving as a countertop over a vanity would not cost me $1K that the builder is saying.

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