Downdraft vent with slide-in range??

denversquareJune 22, 2009

I am having a terrible time with this and would appreciate hearing of any options...

For starters, we can't change our layout. We are putting our stove/oven in the island--although I love the cooktop/oven underneath look, I had decided on a dual-fuel slide-in range for cost purposes (GE Profile or Bosch). My problem is venting--I do not want an island hood. We do not do a lot of cooking that generates grease and only use our current ventilation system on the odd occasion we cook bacon. I know downdraft vents are not as effective but that is fine for our purposes.

Does a downdraft vent EXIST for a dual fuel slide-in range? I know Jenn-Air makes some built in but I am not happy with Jenn-Air's quality.

I am worred that downdraft vents are only suitable for cooktops (why would this be?)--I don't want to spend a couple thousand more to separate the two, on top of purchasing more cabinetry for it.

Any advice?? Thanks!

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I know that Dacor makes downdraft vents that work with their ranges. I don't know specifically of any other configuration that works. There definitely are pop-up downdrafts that work with cooktops and/or rangetops. You really should consider an island vent hood.

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It's mostly a logistics issue. Most downdrafts have the motors and blowers mounted in the space below the cooktop and where YOUR oven will be. There are some remote blower downdraft options but none are budget friendly in my opinion.

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I have a Dacor 30" Dual Fuel slide in range with the Dacor downdraft. Everyone tried to talk me out of installing the range in the peninsula but it was what was going to work for me. I wanted to see through the space which overlooks my dining area and large windows. I absolutely love the set-up. My kitchen is over a garage so I was able to install the downdraft on the garage ceiling and vent it outside.

No complaints or problems with the range or downdraft.

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Thanks, sankaty_91. I have been going back and forth with the GE Profile and the Bosch--I called GE, and they said their downdraft vent woudl work fine with the slide-in unit. Now I guess I just need to make that final decision about which brand! Ugh--I liked the Bosch because it has dehydrating capabilities, but the GE Profile seems to have more cubic feet capacity.

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denversquare, I have the same problem with needing
downdraft. I have a Jenn air that I want to replace. What GE range and downdraft vent are you considering?

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blondiel, I ended up getting the GE Profile 30" dual fuel slide-in range and the downdraft vent (Model #JVB94SHSS), on the recommendation of GE. BIG mistake--it turns out that they gave me incorrect advice--this downdraft vent does NOT work with the slide-in range, and this is causing huge headaches and a lot of wasted money. I feel like since I called GE and their company gave me incorrect advice about two of their products, they should make this right with me. I can't return the appliances to US Appliance because they are out of their original appliances and installed. They told me that since I don't have the name of the person I spoke to, they can't do anything. I told them I didn't get the person's name because I didn't think I would be in this position from their bad advice! The only record I have of calling them is my post on June 23 saying I spoke with them. Has anyone else had this experience with an appliance company and had a decent result?

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It's been awhile since you posted, sankaty_91...I'm interested in knowing if your Dacor is still working well for you, and if you can tell me what Dacor downdraft model you have? It looks like all the the downdraft vents are supposed to be used with cooktops only...did you have professional help with installation? Thanks much!

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We are in the same situation and was wondering what you ended up doing and consequently the results?

Thanks, Joel

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We are in same situation with purchasing a GE profile. Did you go with Dacor or how did you resolve this?

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I am looking to do the same thing in my kitchen. Why does it not work? Is it a problem with the duct work or is it something else.

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I am looking for an electric slide range in that will accept a downdraft system. So far all I have found is the Dacor.My wife does not care for this range. Does anyone know of any other options?Most electric ranges have an outpocketing on the back that does not allow the downdraft to fit next to the range. Help!!!

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I am in the same situation with an island range and the desire to put in a downdraft system. Any updates?

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If it's gotta be a range, and it's gotta be downdraft, it'll either be Dacor, JennAir, or a vintage downdraft range from craigslist or something. You may be able to rig something up with other products, but I'm talking about approved, warrantied configurations here.

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Might check Thermador, not sure if they still make it, but we had a pop up remote blower (1000cfm) that actually worked quite well for 27 years, and we had an indoor grill!

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Sophie Wheeler

The fact that it's is amost impossible to find ought to tell you folks a thing or two. It violates the laws of physics for two objects to occupy the same physical space at once. The downdraft housing and motor goes under a cooktop, which is why it can ''work'' in those cases. But a range has an oven there, underneath the cooktop.

It also attempts to violate the laws of physics to suck hot naturally rising steam, grease, smoke, and odors downward. It's like trying to reverse the direction of the wind. You need such a powerful motor to actually do that that it creates all kinds of other problems. So in that sense, it really doesn't work at all.

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Same situation here. Really like open feel of current but crappy Jenn air DD. is there not a telescoping DD unit (like the Faber) that can be used with a reliable slide in like a GE or Samsung ? If you could put the motor behind the DD unit instead of in front couldn't this work? I have room to do this in the knee wall behind the stove. Pls advise! Thx

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As already mentioned - Dacor is the one manufacturer that approves this configuration

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