Slowing Down to Appreciate My Son's Thanksgiving Decor

kirkusNovember 18, 2011

Karen (aka Purplemoon) suggested I post this photo. :o) I've been running myself so ragged with work...hadn't noticed the little Thanksgiving display our 4 year old son put together in the livingroom. (He had bought the Thanksgiving pieces with his own money at a garage sale this summer for 50 cents.) As I was walking by, I stopped and looked at his display this evening... Ahhhhh...he added leaves from outside and invited a friend to the Thanksgiving feast! Do you see the friend? :o) This all made me slow down to appreciate the little joys in life. :o)

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I'm so glad you posted this here. As I said earlier, this is so precious. Not only the fact that Benjamin is just 4 yrs old and decided to create a holiday display all by himself...but he even bought his own decorations! (He is definitely following in Daddy's footsteps with thrift shopping for treasures!)

It was really cute that Benjamin invited Pluto. LOL, love it. And good lesson learned for you to slow down a bit.

hugs, Karen

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What a delightful display!!
Your son knows a bargain when he sees one!
It is neat that he invited Pluto to the celebration.

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Very precious! I have two grandsons five and two, and small moments such as these are the best memories. The years move along so fast.

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I always say there's 'Richness in Family'...and this is one of those Priceless Moments!
What an adorable and sweet Thanksgiving display.
Pluto looks 'so honored' to have been invited!
We all need to slow down and enjoy those moments...
They go by in a flash! TFS yours.


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Marlene Kindred

That is one sweet boy you have there Kirk! And, yes, he is definitely following in the Willis family tradition of being "junkers" and TS shoppers! What a sweet display and how great that he invited a guest....just darling.

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That old saying, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree .... well, looks like Ben has been following his Daddy's footsteps. This is just the SWEETEST, Kirk ...& how adorable that Ben brought the 'outdoors' inside & even added Pluto to the Thanksgiving feast! & $$$ bargain price, too!! Thanks so much for sharing this 'precious' moment! Hugs to all! Jeanne S.

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Kirk, this is touching! Glad to hear Ben was able to capture a magical moment for you(and us) with his darling set up for TG. Pluto is darling sitiing with the others. Love seeing the few leaves and even a sprig from the tree or shrub. Guess Ben had a plan when he bought these figurines at the garage sale. Sounds like one smart kid!

Life is short and it's never to late to slow down and notice the small pleasures life sends our way.


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That is wonderful, Kirk. I am so glad you took time to enjoy the moment and let us enjoy it with you. Thank you so much.


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From a 4 year old, OMgosh, how sweet. I love that he just set it up on his own. One of those things that just makes you tear up. What a pumpkin. - Gail

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