Bathtub - enamel on steel or acrylic?

RareindigoJune 4, 2012

Taking out our old tub which is enamel on steel. Trying to decide if we should stay with what we know or go for the acrylic. Which do you prefer? Thanks.

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I have two cast iron enamel tubs. I love how well they maintain the heat.

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Another vote for cast iron if your floors can support it.

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again.. cast iron.

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I have both and like them both. Chose the acrylic one for latest remodel, and like it just fine. I take a lot of baths and the Kohler Bancroft is nice and deep!

This tub gets daily shower use as well, and I appreciate the textured base. Enameled iron requires a nonslip mat if you're using it to shower. I love the feel of the enameled iron but practicality won out in this case.

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