Satin Nickel door knobs with polished chrome hinges

ssjoshiMay 11, 2012

Hello all - for our new home being built our pre-hung doors were ordered and shipped with polished chrome hinges. Now we realize we would like the door knobs to be satin nickel (Schlage Plymouth). Does anyone have this type of combo - any pictures would be most helpful! Never realized how stressful this process would be!

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I am all for mixing metals. One color for faucets, another color for light fixtures, etc.

But I think your hinges and door knobs need to match.

If you want satin nickel knobs, find out how much more it will cost to replace the hinges with the same color.

At least that is what I would do.

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I think the same as red_lover. Mixed metals in rooms can look great, but hinges and door knobs need to match. I would either switch out the hinges for satin nickel or do chrome knobs (I have polished nickel knobs in my master bath and they look great so chrome could be really pretty I think).

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That would drive me nuts. I also am all for mixing metals throughout the home and even in the same room. It adds interest. But the door hardware needs to match. If it doesn't it might look like you changed the knobs out but left the hinges. I'd change those hinges if you're going with nickel knobs.

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