8" versus 7" wood flooring....big deal or get over it?

mayberry_moonMay 9, 2013

The first thing we picked out for our build, many months ago, was 8" oak flooring. Love the wide plank look, and perfect for the large scale of the house. They bid it and we accepted the bid and I've fantasized about my floors for this whole time. But they just told us, now that it's time to order, that the 8" isn't available anymore as production decreased in response to the recession. They can get 7".

My husband is a landscape contractor so I know this does happen in terms of supply drying up. I like this outfit as it is family owned. Is this a "just get over it!" situation, or a "just do more research and see if you can get is from someone else" situation? I'm incredibly tight on time with job and family responsibilities, so there's a cost to that research time...

What would you do?

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Beth LaPenna

Although you may be a bit disappointed, I think you'll hardly notice the difference in the width when you consider the overall size of the areas where it will be installed. You may actually like a few more planks per room plus you are getting the floor you dreamed about and doing business with a company that you trust - that means a lot. I would not stress over it. Life is too short.

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You will have less problems with the 7" vs. an 8". Remember that the larger the width, the more it actually expands and contracts in response to environmental humidity.

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Although I wanted wider planks, my builder says the same thing as live wire oak. He says the wider planks are much more problematic. In the rental I'm in currently, the floors are a lovely 8" brazillian cherry. ALthough the color is beautiful, there are gaps in the winter between the boards. Some of the boards are also warping. So, we are taking our builder's advice and going with a more narrow plank.

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Thank you so much for helping me over the hump. Onward and upward...

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