Flush Refridgerator

flevyJune 28, 2012

Please help me. I'm so lost. The one appliance I am struggling with is the Fridge. In my current kitchen, I have a Kenmore Trio 596.7552340. It is this huge standard depth fridge and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I would like to keep it.

My kitchen designer HATES it! She would like me to get a CD fridge and panel it to match the cabinets. I'm struggling with giving up all of the cubic feet. However I must confess that I like the flush look that the CD with panels provides.

I have the depth space to do the "set-in" look with the Std depth fridge. But how to I get that flush look?

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A good finish carpenter should be able to figure this out.

Try the finehomebuilding.com web site. I recall reading an article in the magzaine (maybe 7 or 8 years) where they detailed how to do this. If I recall correctly, the design was for a SxS but it should give you an idea of how it work with your existing fridge. (Sorry I can't be more precise about where to find it, but I'm on the road today and can't get to my magazine stash.)

As for what your kitchen designed hates, hey, whose kitchen is it, anyway?

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There is a difference between 'built-in' and 'counter depth'. The built-ins will give you the true flush furniture look. A counter-depth with panels will not quite do it. Usually, depending on the manufacturer, the doors will still protrude a bit. The carcass is not a standard depth between vendors.

Making a recess for a full size to fit will work, but you have to be aware of how the doors open. Some swing wide and will interfere with counters or cabinets at either side.

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I don't understand why I can't just buy a built in standard depth fridge. Why must they all only be 24" deep? I really do know the answer, I'm just complaining :)

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you wouldnt get that flush look without a built in fridge. so i would recommend using your standard fridge and recessing it.

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we wanted the size of a standard fridge but wanted the flush/built in look so we went with an all fridge column and freezer drawers...not an inexpensive way to go but you get alot of fridge space, top notch brands/quality (assuming they are synonymous ;-)) and a fully integrated look. We have a full size freezer in the basement so our freezer needs in the kitchen are modest.

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What brand did you choose? We have similar needs and am looking for an all fridge option...thanks.

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I have the Sub Zero 736TR and the 736TFI on the appliance list if all else fails. What size freezer drawers did you get? I'd love to have an option to get a tall fridge without getting the tall freezer. I'm looking for 36" drawers.

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Your kitchen designer is not going to live in your house. You are going to live there. Keep your current refrigerator if it meets your needs and you like it as much as you say ... unless you truly can't be happy with how it'll look and fit in your new kitchen. A plus-factor in keeping it is that you'll save the cost of a new unit (counter-depth is not cheap).

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My wife wants a full depth, so I'm making the countertops on that wall 31" deep. That also allows me to make the drawers 27" deep, which gives them 30% more storage space than standard 21" drawers. The uppers are 16" deep, for 33% more storage than 12" deep uppers.

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we purchased the gaggenau 30 fridge - loved the stainless/aluminum interior and the Fisher Paykel 36 freezer drawer. I was going to go with the KA all freezer 24 but they discontinued that and the SZ freezer drawers just seemed too much money

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