Christmas Decorations - HEAVY

phonegirlNovember 29, 2010

I worked like crazy today and accomplished alot. I stayed up late last night and sorted through some of my Christmas totes and started on the decorations. This morning got up and packed all the fall from the garage over to the shed. Decided not to do all the fancy garlands this year so that helped.

Remember my pumpkin you all liked? I added a few gold fruit picks and filled a container with ornies. What do you think? Does it need tweaked?

Here's my F & F cookie jar sitting on my pedestal from DD, North Pole Express train and DM 3 Kings.

My snowman that I repainted and little teddy.

Some of my painted projects and a Big

My new jinglebell door swag from Costco.

Top of my cabinets.

My gold deer from a ys this summer.

More of my snowmen.

Set up this woodland theme in part of the dining room.

Enough for now. Hope I didn't over due. U know me, I never did get all my fall posted so thought I'd go to extreme with some of my Christmas inside since I have no desire to finish outside in this


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WHERE do you get all that energy, Woman? You're just unbelievable!
Its nearly 2am here and all that eye-candy is going to have me dreaming about your decor! LOL.

I love everything, especially your own painted pieces! That tall Snowman with the tree and teddy are great!
Your Fitz n Floyd Santa cookie jar is wonderful. (I really, really like FF things!) The gold ornie arrangement is so pretty. Then there's your big beautiful tree! (I definitely have 'big tree envy' lately. Little ones just don't have that WOW factor at all.) Oh...I can't forget your door it too.

Now I'm going to bed, with visions of your decor in my head. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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You're all set. I cant stand it. I haven't even finished putting away Fall. Got to get some new plastic containers and get it all packed away today so I can begin.
Your tree is gorgeous. You did a beautiful job. I've never been about to pull it off like that. Mine all have ornaments hanging on them and that's just what they all look like - tress with things hanging on the branches.

The gold and silver ornament centerpiece/table decoration is wonderful. Very nice job all around.

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Very pretty.It makes me wish that I had a bigger house so I could do alot more.

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punk...Rah! Rah! Rah! (I'm sure it's the "cheerleader" trait of your personality that got all this done so quickly!) WOW!

1st, that the tippy top of the ceiling, lit up & gorgeous! Your pumpkin tweaking IMO! That cute, cute, cute snowman & pine tree on wheels!!! Did you paint the "patterns" on that? If so, how? He is a cutie! The pattern on the tree is so you roll that on like with a special roller pad or stamper?

Your DM's 3 Kings are precious...I am gaining an appreciation for this type of Christmas decor..."pencil" ...afraid it could become a "collection" thing for me! (thanks to you Enablers R Us)! I like how you displayed your DM's in front of the candleholders.

Of course, Woodland & Snowmen are a fav of I am lovin' yours! Oh boy, punk, I could go on & on (I tend to do that)...but just want you to know, you're something! Rah! Rah! TFS all these pics! Jeanne S.
(I'm starting on putting away "Fall" today)

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You did all that in one morning????? It takes me all day and half the night just to decorate the tree! LOL

OA, I'm right there with you, looked for bins at Target yesterday, then decided to see if I could find cheaper ones, stopped by Big Lots--none, so will go to Lowe's today! Don't want to unload Christmas and put Fall in those bins cause they fit just right on my shelves and I will need to buy more bins later anyway.

Punk, all your painted items are so sweet. You know those are what really catches my eye. Well, those and all your other snowmen. ;o)

I really like to see "theme groupings" of related things like you did with your woodland group. (Did you paint that screen? Of course you did. It is so detailed, great job.) As always, your speed just amazes me. Is it fun when you do it all so quickly? I always have to set my things out of the bins and then try them here and there to figure out how I want to arrange them--maybe that's why it takes me so darn long, huh? LOL


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Punk, when you got started you really went to town. I'm in love with your tree, it's beautiful. The golden fruit arrangement is lovely, I don't even see the pumpkin. The snowman on wheels is adorable, I love the big size, it seems like all my decs. are masses of small items. You have a knack for painting the cutest snowmen. The top of the hutch is very pretty with the deer. I have a lot of gold too, I'm starting to like silver now, go figure.

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Very it all.


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Punk, I love all of it. The plate you painted with the snowman and the trees is precious. You must be Wonderwoman It took me all day to put up a 6ft. tree.

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Holy decorating!!!
You sure got on a roll girl and went with it.
It's all f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!!

Now sit down and take a break. :)

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Punky >>> or is it 'Spunky!!
Girl you always AMAZE me with your Energy!
I'm getting that bus to 'Punknap' you to help out
Your tree came out so beautiful and your gold fruit arrangement is lovely. I like how you displayed your FF Cookie jar and I love your DM's Three Kings.
You have so many wonderful Painted things and I like how you grouped them together. Did you paint that paneled screen in your DR?...It's just lovely.
Now I feel so far behind...I've only done two trees..I've never been this late before. I think I need some of your 'batteries'!!


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Karen, I live a very fast paced life and have to push myself at times to keep Glad you enjoyed looking at all my decor. I love F & F too and will share more later. Your comments are so sweet.

OA, hope you got all the fall toted away! Makes one wonder why we put so much out, huh? I'll bet your tree will be beautiful. You do such a wonderful job coming up with out of this world ideas.

Pheasantlady, sometimes it's nice having more room to decorate but then one has to put it all away.

Jeanne, so glad you like the tree. Thanks for the comment on the gold shades used in place of the pumpkin display. The pencil decor is gaining with myself too. I have some neat santa candles that I will try to share later.

The snowman w/tree has tin on the tree and snowman hat. I just painted them and wiped some off for a different look. Thanks for all the rah's!

Luvs, I started this on Sat. night after work and didn't finish until Sun. night. I'm not quite that fast.haha I didn't paint the fireplace screen. I usually put it outside on the deck with my little trees. It's been so cold that I brought it all in this year.

I wish I had more time in my life to analyze before jumping in and doing things so fast. The only good things about doing it fast is I will have time to tweak if I want. I have so many totes that are stil filled and not sure I will even try putting more out.

Frou, glad you liked the tree. I put the pumpkin away and put out a jar filled with ornaments in it's place. I added the gold fruit for a little more bling. I have a DD that loves snowmen. I've started painting more of them for her and love cute faces on them. I know what you mean about liking silver more than gold. I still can't do away with the gold things tho.

Cali, thanks so much for your comment.

Nana, that plate is one of Jamie Mills Price patterns. She is one of my favorite artists so I love painting her designs. Wonderwoman is a good name for me. I wonder what this woman is doing at times! I bet your tree is beautiful with spending so much time on it. Some day I will have more time to play but not now.

MM, you sound like DH, just take the night off. He even cooked dinner for us last night so I could do laundry and start wrapping gifts. I have gained so much weight that I need to keep

Jane, you always amaze me too. Love it, "Spunky". I would enjoy having you 'Punknap' me so I could help you. I could learn so much from YOU! I'm a hands on kinda lady.

Don't feel behind just do what you have time for and it will all fall in place.

Thanks so much everyone for all the sweet comments on my decorations. You have enabled me to this point. Don't know how much I would get done without all of your support in my life.

Can hardly wait to see all of your beautiful trees and creations this Holiday Season.


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