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christmascandyNovember 30, 2011

My church has an annual ladies luncheon "Home for the Holidays" and I usually volunteer to decorate a table.

I received an email on the Thursday night after I got home from work before we decorate the tables on Friday night, that one of the decorators had become ill and was unable to decorate her table. Could I please do a second table?

Now, I had been planning my table since last Jan. when I found the Santas that I gave as my hostess gift to my table guests. They were 90% off at a drug store!! Score! So...I did not have a hostess gift for the second table and I had to put together the second table in one night. I did have some silver bells so I added the red bows and they became my gift, but did not compare to the Santas on the first table.

The first table was Santas and peppermint decor.

Sorry this one is rather dark.

These were the Santas I gave away. I used my Radko plates, red flatware, and red goblets from GdWl. I bought a red round tablecloth at a TS, and added the white swirls to make it look like a large peppermint candy. The red napkins were also TS.

The Santa hat chair covers were a DT find. The employees had one on a trolley holding holiday decor with which they were stocking the shelves. I asked if they were going to have them for sale and they went and got 8 of them for me right then. I never saw them at another DT after that. I think they sold as soon as they put them on the shelves!! I added some silk holly leaves and a red pompon to decorate them, just because I am a Type A person! LOL

The Santa CP was a HL after holiday 80% off clearance several yrs ago because it was missing some parts. I bought some sculpy clay and recreated the missing parts and it is hard to tell what I replaced. The red/white glitter trees were 50% off at HL this yr. The placemat was HG last yr, and the poinsettia wreath under Santa was part of the Jan. 90% off finds! The peppermint ball candles and the hurricanes holding them are also TS.

The snowman table I created at the last minute:

Almost every item on this table is a TS treasure except the DT snowflakes I used as chargers and the silver bells, also DT.

The lighting in the gym is not conducive to taking photos from a distance, so another dark picture.

I used my 4 Mumm snowman plates and my 4 Snowman Serenade plates and alternated them around the table. I also decorated the chairs with bows, snowman figures from DT, and stockings from DT, again alternating each chair.

This took forever so I will comment on others posts later. Also, I just spent 4 10 hour days putting up Christmas decor Pix later.

TTFN and Happy Holidays,


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Candy...you are absolutely AMAZING. Totally, completely, amazing! I can't wait to see your house decorated as I know you go all out with it.
FOUR 10 hr days? Where do you get that much energy? My
bit of decorating is just the opposite, TEN 4 hr days. LOL.
I know you could do mine in an afternoon!!

The snowman table is really cute and certainly doesn't look "last minute"! That Santa table is definitely a WOW one. As usual, I'm shaking my head at the bargains you find thru out the year!
You ROCK, Girl.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, What Karen said!
I love, love, love Santas! I could look at this table for hours.
The snowman table is equally delightful I love it!
Thanks for sharing your remarkable talent with us.

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Candy : Both of your tables are absolutly fabulous!! For "last minute", you certainly did a lovely job and it doesn't look like it at all.
I'd love to be in attendance to your luncheon just to look at all the different pretties.
You've really been busy busy with the Christmas decor. If I spent 4 10 hr days working on all that, I'd fall over....lol
I can't wait to see all that you've done!!

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Marlene Kindred

Okay, picture this....I am bowing up and down to you because you are the QUEEN of table decor Candy!! Not only is the first table amazing, you pulled off a second in one day....amazing job! Everything about them looks fabulous!

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Candy...WOW! your volunteer work is FABULOUS! And talk about 'getting 'er done' in a late notice situation, you are a MASTER!!!

Your snowman table is GORGEOUS! Those dinner plates are perfect & your expertise w/napkin folding/arranging is over-the-top! (love it!) All those snowman accessories look like you've been planning this table for weeks! & also adding to the chairs besides! You did a wonderful service (pun intended)! Anyone sitting at that table will enjoy the 'jingle-belling' all the way home! (Blue is so pretty for this snowman table!)

Now, your 'pre-planned' Santa table! What visualization you have when shopping for bargains! Those gift Santa's on the plates are winners & your centerpc 'fix & repair' Santa certainly brings a smiley 'Ho Ho Ho' to the table! And love the Santa hat chair back decor!

Peppermint theme is so Christmasy! I saw those trees at HL, too...such fun to shop there & so many $$$ bargains esp w/your insight to 90% off possiblilites! Linens, flatware & esp those Radko dishes just shout CELEBRATION! And what a celebration for your church holiday luncheon! TFS, candy! Love it all! Jeanne S.

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Candy, I think we all feel the same thing....LOL

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Both tables are equally delightful and would be a pleasure to dine at but I really have to give you 'high 5's' for the snowman table and the fact that you had to pull it together in a hurry. It looks like it had every bit as much planning over time as the Santa table. You tablescapes are always a such a pleasure to look at. Really looking forward to seeing your house decorations this year :) .....


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Add me to the bowing down crowd! 2 wonderful tables done inexpensively, yet beautifully! You are the queen, there is no doubt!

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Definitely add me to the bowing crowd - both tables are amazing! What a coup to be able to pull off that second one in just 1 day - no one would guess that the same thoughtful long-term planning wasn't applied to both tables - hat's off to a perfect score on both tables!

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Candy, You win hands down on the table decor!!! Both tables are beauties. Love how you pulled the snow man table off in so short of notice. The Santa table really calls to me because I have so many Santas that I have collected over the past 25 years. You really made me feel bad about fixing the broken one with sculpty. I throwed out a beautiful Santa and a Santa with sleigh and reindeer because Santa's hand was broken and the reindeers horns were missing. It never even occured to me that they could be replaced with sculpty. They were in a box lot that I paid $5 for and I just tossed them. I could kick myself now. That was long before I found this forum and all the tricks of repairing like spackling and repainting. Loving all your beautiful tables and the bargins you find . TFS JANET

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Candy, totally agree with all the above posts. Your Santa ts is my favorite but the snowmen ts is delightful too. I love the santas and santa cp.

All the peppermint decor is stunning. The white swirls to make your tc look like a large peppermint candy is genius. Love the Radko plates. I have some of those too.

Hope to see all of your Christmas decor soon. Sounds like you put in alot of hours. I'm so excited to see all of it!


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There's nothing I can say except that I agree with all of the above comments and am right there with the bowing. Wonderful tables, you did a great job on both! Very impressive and you are amazing!


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Your tables are lovely. Since this is a church sponsored affair I am just wondering if all the tables are secular in their decorations? It is sad enough the lack of christian symbols we feature in our homes. One might expect to see something more related to the REASON FOR THE SEASON at a "church" function. Also the metal card table chairs do not do any of the tables justice!!

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Kind of hard to have elegant chairs to set up in a church basement or Sunday school classroom...would be nice tho, arcy! And Candy being a volunteer for the event certainly portrays the REASON FOR THE SEASON! Thank you, candy! Jeanne S.

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Thanks everybody! I do love decorating a table and since I have joined here I had no problem coming up with another table decor. I just felt badly that I didn't have a better gift for the guests at the snowman table.

arcy, the church supplies the tables and chairs. I agree that folding chairs are not the most attractive, which is why both of my tables have chair decor in addition to the table decor. The blessing before we eat, and the inspirational message address the Reason for the Season. A couple of years ago, I did have a nativity set on my table, but the table decor can be ANY holiday, or even just a pretty table. The focus is on the fellowship and the message. The decor is for fun.

In my own home, in addition to my holiday decor, there is at least one nativity set in every single room, sometimes more.

Target does not carry the Radko plates anymore! I'll have to find where else they are sold, besides the pieces I find at TS's, LOL

Thanks again everybody. You are the best bunch of cheerleaders around!


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Wow! Both of those are truly magazine material!

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Very nice Job!! I love all the candy cane stripes! Even the table cloth looks like a peppermint twist! You really did a great job, I love it! :)


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