Glass top range or gas range?

shanny75June 28, 2008

Hi all,

I have a gas cooktop...preremodel.

I will need to relocate my gas line for my new kitchen design....1200 bucks!

My question is should I forego the gas line/gas range and install a glass top range? I know that I need 220 power, which is no problem. I am leaning toward the clean look of a glass cooktop, but worried about the actual cooking ...never had one! I also have SS cookware, which I believe is what is needed to work.

Any thoughts?

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I love my glass cooktop! I was so tired of cleaning a gas stove cooktop. I find no difference in cooking. I have my Revereware pots and pans from 1976 and they work just fine. I don't do any grilling or use a griddle so having the burners is fine. I have a Maytag and am replacing with a new Kenmore Elite slide in for a remodel. Good luck on your decision.

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We had to make the same decision about a year ago, and got a gas range for two reasons. First, we worried that the glass top gets scratched. It depends on how you cook. Some recipes call for shaking the skillet back and forth while you saute the mushrooms, for example. We didn't want to worry about scratched glass. The modern gas ranges with sealed burners are very easy to clean. Second, we sometimes get power failures here in North Carolina during winter storms, and we wanted to be able to use the cooktop when that happens. We got a Bosch gas range, one notch below the top of the line, and we're very pleased. By the way, broiling with gas is much better than with electric. Everybody says that, even people who are wedded to electric.

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I have a glass top Jennaire. Go with the gas! The glass tops are difficult to keep clean. When the burners are off and you want to bring something up to heat slowly you have no idea exactly where the burners are and have to shift pots around. I have cooked on electric stoves, gas and glass top. Glass top is my third choice (it came with the house).

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I hate the glass top range we have now. It is a pain to keep clean and it is hard to get the temp you want. I can only get low and high heat. Can't do in between. We are having propane installed so I can actually cook again in our new kitchen. I am so done with electric cooktops. Stick with gas.

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Have you looked induction cooktops? If I wasn't able to get gas, then induction would be the only electric option I would consider. Induction has many advantages, including speed, control, and the to does not get dangerously hot like conventional electric.

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