Supreme White "granite" is actually marble?? Help!

layladJune 18, 2014

We ordered our countertop for our master bath remodel...a remnant of "Supreme White Granite" only to find out it is actually marble. I'm very worried about staining & etching if marble & avoided it on purpose so now I'm freaking out that this is actually marble. Any experiences with Supreme White? Is it tougher than traditional Carrara marble? Do I need to get it honed to make it last longer & look better? Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Check out the 4th post down, where you can see what a 6-year-old marble vanity looks like:

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble

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If it's marble, why is it called Supreme White Granite? That makes no sense. If you were misled and it really is marble, but is called granite, then cancel your order. Truth in advertising ya know.

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It may be the same thing that is also called Super White or White Fantasy - a dolomitic marble - not a granite.

There's a long discussion about this natural stone in the Kitchen forum. Below is an excerpt that I put in my notes in planning my bathroom remodel. Look for "super white" in Kitchen Forum to find the thread.

I've attached a photo I took at an open house - new construction in my area.Super white was used throughout this house in kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, and fireplace surround. They used grey subway tiles on the backsplash in kitchen and white subway in the bathrooms.

"I asked to see some Super White, knowing there is a lack of clarity about what this rock really is. He gave me a piece to bring home and I did some diagnostics. Maybe this is common knowledge to you all, but here's the lowdown.
The rock is dolomitic marble. It's not quartzite - it's not even close to quartzite in terms or hardness or resistance to acid.
Dolomitic marble is a sibling to regular marble. Regular marble is made of calcite. Dolomite is made of calcite plus magnesium. Calcite is CaCO3 and dolomite is CaMgCO3. So this rock started out as the sedimentary rock called dolomite then was metamorphosed (heat + pressure) to cause the grains to recrystallize into dolomitic marble.
My hunch is that this marble would be slightly more resistant to etching than regular calcite marble. But it is still just as soft as marble and has all the other requirements of caring for marble. It sure is a beautiful rock. But no way will it wear like granite or quartzite."

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Thank you! I did end up canceling our order. When I went back to further observe our remnant there were SEVERAL noticeable scratches! Back to square one. Looked at all the quartzes with hopes of loving one close to matble look. Did not like Tourquay at all, saw a silestone Lagoon but no sizes available to fit our needs. So frustrating!

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Debbi Branka

Gosh, I want your order! What city are you in?

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I think this is the same thing that is also called Super White. Ours was labeled Super White granite at the supplier, but the fabricator warned us it was actually a marble and had us sign their standard disclaimer for marble.

I already was in love with it and had spent weeks searching for the best price so we went forward. We have marble on the floor too so I was already prepared to use special cleaners.

We've had it over a year now with no problems at all. It has held up beautifully. I do use small trays for the soap dispenser, face wash, toothbrushes and do not leave them directly on the countertop as a precaution. We have it for our countertops and tub surround. I still love it and am so glad I didn't get talked out of it.

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Ahhhh....I can't let go. They found us one without scratches and it us nagging at me in the back of my head! I'm starting to get nervous it looks too busy---I've been staring at my light swirly sample for weeks and the remnant is more "chunky" than swirly. Those of you who have seen it installed, does it look loud or classic? Our floors are going to be dark wood plank tile, shower is white subway tile, and walls are Dovetail gray. I want a classic look.....thoughts anyone?
Deb, lol, there are lots of supreme white remnants around here it seems!

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