Blue Star range owners

liseebirdJune 3, 2012

Hi Blue Star owners -

My range was installed last week and I have only done a little minor cooking because the hood hasn't been installed yet. Can already tell I'm going to love this thing though. I have 2 questions - 1. Do your burners turn off and on with a "poof" sound? I had a 48 year old Tappan gas range before this with constant pilot light so maybe I'm not used to the timers? Just wondering.

Also, my door is not quite square. The appliance store owner installed it and agreed and said he was going to contact Blue Star. Like if you look straight down at it when it's closed you see that the holes along the top are askew - meaning on the right, you can see about 3/4 of each hole and on the left you can see the entire hole and then some. I know I've read about door problems with Blue Star. Was it that?

Thanks, Lisa

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The poofing is probably "normal". According to the engineering dept (at capital) it is a known phenomenon that some gas burners display and some don't. As for the door, trying taking door off and then on again and make sure range is 100% level or arrange a service call.

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Making sure the range is 100% level is the key. do that first.

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Whoops sorry to disappear. It is 100% level. We used a level on all sides. Waiting for a call back from Blue Star. Thanks all!

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Hi Everyone, I'm one of those "lucky Canadians" who has the option of purchasing the 30" Bluestar Range which is currently on sale at ( However, since Costco is not an "authorized dealer" according to Bluestar's website, I'm wondering if anyone had challenges with the warranty? I called Bluestar, and they basically said that to validate the warranty, you have to get a licensed installer to do it. I'm not sure whether they simply meant a licensed gas fitter or whether this also meant that it had to be an authorized Bluestar service team (downloaded the installation guidelines from the website, but it still wasn't clear to me). We're doing a reno and will probably have a general contractor (and sub-trades) doing the installation.

Also, Bluestar doesn't have a manufacturer's extended warranty. Did anyone purchase a warranty for this product using a third-party? Not sure whether we should go that route, but it seems like all appliances need servicing these days!
Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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If memory serves me correctly my bs had a sticker on it saying it had to be installed by a certified gas fitter. There is a whole checklist of things they are supposed to check off then sign. You send that signed piece in for warranty. I hired the gas fitter to install and just had him check everything off cause I would rather do all the adjustments myself. It was a waste of money as I never needed the factory warranty. In fact after 4 yrs I have not needed a single repair or service.

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