Quiet dishwasher brand/model recommendations?

jaxoJune 22, 2013

I'm looking for:

Quiet as possible
Not a trouble-prone brand that will need frequent repairs
Available in white
Must have a delay start feature
I don't want to have to guess or try to manually calculate when the dishwasher will be finished with the load of dishes or when they delay wash will start, so it must have a display showing time remaining to completion and time remaining on delay start.

I'm thinking of some kind of Miele dishwasher, but it is hard to navigate their website to find the models with all of the specific features I want.

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In link is a Miele Dishwasher comparison chart.

I think this is the one you want Miele Futura Crystal Series G5225WH. Miele does not offer its top models in white.

About $100 cheaper and about 4 db quieter is Bosch 800 Plus. This particular model is not the TOL but one down.

Bosch 800 Plus Series SHE7PT52UC

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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I have other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, but I would rather have white for the dishwasher since it is next to the white sink.
I think stainless steel is also inappropriate for a dishwasher due to it being around water, dirty dishes and people touching it with wet or greasy hands.
My stainless steel refrigerator is a pain to keep clean from water marks and fingerprints. A stainless steel dishwasher would be worse than the refrigerator.
I'm sure I don't need a "top of the line" $2700 dishwasher anyway since it will have a ton of features I don't want and will be missing visible timer display.

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4db quieter for the Bosh sounds interesting. However, I might still go with a Miele since our local code inspector only exempts Miele dishwashers from the air gap requirement.
The air gap noise coming from a Bosch would negate it being 4db quieter when running because it would become much louder every time it drained water..

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Miele comes with clean touch steel dishwasher panels.

There is some kind of protective coating on it.

My Miele La Perla II looks like new after 1 year of use.

The negative is that if you do scratch it can't be refinished.

Then again I have never known anyone to refinish a SS door panel on a dishwasher. If it happens people just live with it.

The other option is getting a custom panel dishwasher and getting a panel from your cabinet maker to match your cabinets.

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OK, if I get a clean touch stainless steel dishwasher and am no longer limited to models available in white, then I could move up to a model quieter the the Futura Crystal, but then I am stuck without a display showing how much time is remaining.

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I just saw a video review of the Miele Futura Crystal where the reviewers said the display only shows you the time delay start status and does not show you remaining time to complete the wash.
So, it appears the best option for me would be a Dimension, but prefinished white is not available in the Dimension.

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I thought you were ok with clean touch stainless now?

There are no steam stains on mine and never wipe for fingerprints.

Every few months I notice dust on the dishwasher like on my tv. Just wipe with a cloth to remove dust.

I guess your absolute perfect DW is not available and you are going to have to pick from best available.

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I will consider the clean touch steel Miele or look at the quieter Bosch with timer displays and see if the city inspector has also started approving Bosch models with just the built-in air gap.

According to the thread in the link below, others have gotten Bosch dishwashers exempted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Air gap exemption thread

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FYI; if you forgo using an oil-based SS cleaner/polish on the DW (if you opt to get one in SS), you will find the surface much easier to clean and keep clean. Stubborn or sticky stains can be removed (easily) using BKF (Barkeeper's Friend)--the powdered version, with a wet sponge or gentle (no scratch) scrub sponge. That's how I removed a residual mustard "stain" from my friend's brand-new SS DW (Electrolux).

For normal cleaning (full or spot), I use alcohol & water spray mixed with some essential lavender oil (lavender has natural anti-bac properties, might improve surface tension of the mixture-?, and smells nice!). Spray, wipe dry with a micro-fiber cloth. That's all it usually needs. For stubborn marks, I'll use a small sprinkle of BKF.

Our Miele DW is paneled, but our other appliances (range, fridge, MW) are SS, and they still look great after 6 +/- yrs of use.

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Just wanted to add my 2 cents as the owner of a very problematic Miele (Diamond) for almost a year and a half now.

I adore the DW, the layout, the quietness, and the upper cutlery tray, the LED-lit interior, but I've had multiple issues, including electrical (meaning expensive) type issues, from the beginning.

The Diamond is the only Miele DW that comes with a 5-year warranty--at least that was the case 15 months ago when I bought it. I'd strongly consider the Diamond for that reason, or if available, buying an extended warranty from the start.

After year 1, you have to pay $1 per mile for a Master Tech to come to your location--although this may not be an issue for you if you have a local appliance store that is reliable and skilled in repairing Miele products.

Feel free to email me if you'd like more info on my experience.

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We just installed a panel ready Bosch 800 Plus model. It is so quiet I have to put my ear to the door to check if it is really running (it shines a red light on the floor when it runs). The top of the line Thermador flashes the time remaining on the floor (made by Bosch). I can't vouch for reliability yet but I'm happy with it so far.

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I just looked at the Thermador website and watched a video on their dishwasher and all it says is that it has a glowing red light shining on the floor while it is in use.
I didn't see any way to tell the difference between having 2 minutes remaining or 2 hours remaining.
Some had digital displays, but they are hidden in the top of the door under the counter top, so you have to stop the cycle and open the door to see it.

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