Toilet distance dfrom wall

ultraclassicJune 25, 2013

Hi All, I installed a new Kohler Devonshire elongated toilet in place of a 20 year old round American standard (I think) toilet, the original toilet's tank sat fairly close to the wall. The new tank is sitting a few inches from the wall. could I have done something wrong? I would think the toilet mounting bolts only allow a little room for movement but if I missed something I am sure one of You will know what it is and I would be grateful for any input. Thank You in advance - John

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Don't know much about those models, but I do know toilets come in different rough in depths - the distance from the center of the hole in your floor to the wall. 12 inches is the most common. Is it possible you have a 14 inch rough in and bought a 12 in toilet? Or have a 12 in rough and bought a 10 in toilet?

Or might just be variation in style. What do the installation specs say?

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That one has a pretty large space behind. According to the spec, 1-1/4", if the rough-in is 12". Most are 3/4", some a bit more.

What is your rough-in distance? From the center of the flange bolts to the wall (not the base molding, if any) ?

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