GE Cafe or KitchenAid 2013 ?

BarbDiSalvoJune 12, 2013

I know I have seen older posts about both the GE Caf� and KA, but I am needing more current reviews. I am building a new house and will be installing a double wall oven and a 36" gas cooktop. Currently I have a KA Architect II dual fuel range, over-the-range KA microwave (touch screen), KA dishwasher, and Kenmore Pro built in 72" fridge/freezer combo. I was looking at both KA and GE Caf�, but keep seeing mixed reviews. We were also looking at the new door-in-door French door fridge from LG/Kenmore. I went into a store today and mentioned GE Caf� and LG and the sales lady looked at me like I grew a third eye and said to get KA. The other store I went to said Caf� was the way to go. HELP!!!! Have to know what to get as they have to order cabinets soon. Thanks!!!

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You can mix and match appliances - you don't need to get a single brand. I'd recommend KA fridges and DWs although some DW models have been having problems lately. GE Cafe ranges tend to get good reviews. Sales people tend to push brands on which they get higher commissions

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The new GE Profile and GE Cafe refrigerators made in the dedicated Kentucky factory just started rolling off the line in late 2012, early 2013 and now are pretty available.

I hear, but no personal experience with, the old GE fridges were made in various factories not in the US and QA issues crept in.

Time will tell if the new GE dedicated plant refrigerators are accompanied by the same lingering problems. Let's hope not: the GE team declares it's allegiance to weeding out the bad and introducing reliable new.

That is why the 3rd eye appeared and the woman said KA fridge. But do look at the new GE Cafe and Profile's from the Kentucky plant. Good luck to you.

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Well, we ended up going with all Cafe appliances. They have been great, but as I feared, we've been having issues with the double oven. The lights work intermittently. We've had the repair guy out for that several times. Then the ovens went haywire after self cleaning cycles. So, they replaced the control panel. Once he did that, both my convection fans died. Still going round and round with GE now to get someone out to repair it. The place they called first said they couldn't do it since its a wall oven. :-( I'm ready to tell them to replace the whole thing.

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