Fall Table 'For The Birds'!

slinkeyNovember 13, 2010

I started putting together a table using my new Bird Plates... but I think there was some confusion and word got out that it was a table 'For Birds'..

DH put up two bird feeders close to the house, and the next morning DGD screeched - PaPa..look what's outside!

There were 17 Huge Turkeys just pecking away..I think they were waiting to be invited in! lol

This Summer I was at a Flea Mkt and someone was

selling 6 of these dishes (all new w/labels still on them) for $5. They are Johnson Bros - Brookshire. I loved them so much that when I got home, I looked them up, and found that Dillards was selling a service for 4 - Originally $99 for $29 - and shipping was $8.95! So naturally I couldn't resist.

It included 4 Dinner Plates/Rimmed Soups/Cereal/Salad and

Appitizer Plates, Cups & Saucers!!

So, here's my table 'With Birds'!...using Just the Dinner Plates.

The amber goblets are CTS..the Leaf cloth was a remnant piece of fabric $1...

The floral centerpiece has Dried Hydrangea from my garden..the little pheasant tureen was purchased at a Flea Mkt 2 wks ago $3...

The pheasant tureen is porcelain - underneith it's marked 'Made In Italy'.

The Footed Bowls are 'Better Homes & Gardens -Home Interiors'

Under the Footed Bowls is Johnson Bros - Autumn Monarch and the Leaf Charger - Walmart.

Flatware - purchased yrs ago from Barrons..

A closer look at the pattern on the Dinner Plate..

There are different fowl birds shown on the rim and in the center is a mallard duck.

A 'Candy Shot'...

Hope you enjoyed looking...


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Those are marvelous! I've never seen anything like them before. What a lucky find.

I love the layering. Great color on the pitcher.

Do you actually serve soup from the pheasant?? Or is he mostly used as a decoration?

Candy must feel proud. She has a camera angle named after her.

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Thanks OA...
It's a small tureen..it doesn't say -
'Not Food Safe'...It's glazed inside so I guess some sort of food can go in there..perhaps a gravy or a veggie.

I was laughing taking the overhead shot...thinking of Candy...so >>> 'Candy Shot' is a perfect description!


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Beautiful table! The amber goblets really pulls the whole thing together. My dh would love those plates!

We're getting a lot of wild turkeys too! I've been seeing them out in the wheat field next to our house.

One Thanksgiving weekend a turkey walked across the front porch while we were watching TV! lol

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Jane, Your table is lovely. The green pitcher with your dried hydrangeas is beautiful. The plates are great, they look so nice with the chargers. Pretty flatware too. I think the amber goblets are the perfect addition.

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What a lovely table!!
The layering is wonderful and all the pieces play so well together.
Could you take a "Candy Shot" (LOL) of just the plates so we could see the design?
Those sure were great buys, both the flea market and the store.

Apparently the wild turkeys aren't too worried about Thanksgiving, : )


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How neat that there are all those wild turkeys! Do they just wander around in flocks looking for food? They had better stay out of sight this month and next, or they might end up being food! LOL Lovely table as always, those chargers go so well with your new fowl plates. And I think your little pheasant bowl is darling. I never paid any attention to pheasant stuff until this forum! ;o)


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That is beautiful, Jane. Those plates are wonderful. The pheasant is just gorgeous!
What is a candy shot?
I am going Mon to use my coupon. Did you go?

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First of all, I love your remant t'cloth...wonderful bkgrd for your t'settings...& the solid color napkins go so well with t'cloth & your dishes. Those plates are quite fitting for Fall ...you got a steal on getting them all!

The stacking is a lovely combo of colors & textures...so pretty. The pitcher arrangement you used blends so nicely with your new pheasant dish...& hydrangeas & adding to those makes a gorgeous floral arrangement.

Everything is lovely, jane...I would love to sit at this table & watch your turkeys outside! LOL! Jeanne S. (but no turkey sandwich, please!)

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Loved your visitors to your bird feeders - how cool. We are semi rural but have never seen any wild turkeys. Bet they disappear before Thanksgiving :D

your table setting is really pretty. I love how you layered the different dishes yet it all pulls together so nicely. I got two of those Walmart chargers - wish I had gotten 4 of them but it is just my hubby and I most of the time so I tend to buy things in twos for different settings. TFSing .....


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Jane, another beautiful table. Love your new dishes. It all looks so nice together and I agree with the others comments. I must say that I enjoyed your photography on this post.

The turkeys are a riot out there in your yard. I can't imagine what our DGD would say if she seen all of them in our yard. I know she wouldn't want to go outside and swing if she seen all of them.LOL


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Thank you ladies. I enjoyed reading all your nice compliments.

oakleyok.. I can see men who like the outdoors enjoying these plates. I thought that was so funny about the turkey on your porch...quite daring, don't you think? lol

nana..the amber goblets are even nicer IRL..the photos don't do them justice..glad you like them.

Candy...I'll try to get that 'Candy Shot' done soon.
I'm sure some here are wondering what we're talking about!

Luvs. we've had turkey pass through every so often, but not this many. They do seem to be very active around this time of year and with so much hunting going on you would think they'd lay low!

kathleen...Candy did a few tablescapes taking overhead shots that you'd swear was taken by 'hanging from her chandlier'! So although my overhead was not as dramatic as hers....I called it a 'Candy Shot'!
I did go to CTS on Fri and used the coupon (Thank you again)
and gave the extras to other shoppers. I bought quite a few things and it came in handy...like a beautiful King Quilt for $39 and got the 20 0ff! They finally emailed me one a few days after I received yours..I don't know why so late.

jeanne..that fabric is even more lovely IRL. It has a wonderful texture and doesn't wrinkle either!
If you come over to watch the Turkeys...I'll make you a 'Chicken Sandwich' instead of Turkey! lol

lynne..I'm surprised whenever I see the Turkeys around here...there's so many hunters and other prey, that I'm surprised they survive.

Punk...lol.. I know what you mean about your DDG not wanting to go swing after seeing so many Turkeys. As it is my DGkids don't like to go out 'Alone' w/o us, cause they are 'city' kids, and always feel scared of all the 'creatures' in the woods!
Glad you enjoyed everything.

Thanks again ladies.

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Oh my....gorgeous table, having a yard full of REAL turkeys to see, and finding that fantastic pheasant tureen. I absolutely love it all. The greens and browns are so lovely and soothing together.

I totally cracked up when I read "a Candy shot". What a hoot. You girls are having entirely too much fun doing this kind of photography!

hugs, Karen

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Hey Karen...nice to see you here this late!!
Thanks for the sweet words.
I guess Candy has earned a 'title' for her impressive photo technique...lol

I've been having some computer problems all day, and was just able to get back on to answer this post..
I just wanted to mention that I was glad to hear all went well with your Dad..
I'm also hoping you're feeling better from that bad flare up you had the other day.
Take care.


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Yes, I got mine a week later too, strange. I hope to get there tomorrow and I hope you left some things for me!
The last time I went they had these adorable napkins/towels. They were really too thin for towels. I thought they were a dollar, but they rang up 50 cents! Would have bought more, some even had little ball fringe on the bottom.
I'll let you know how I do. I may buy a quilt or 2, use the second to make valances and pillows if they have the right color.
Between the turkey and deer we have, a nice dinner could be made! :)

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Kathleen, I grabbed up many of those decorated towels several wks ago, and again this time. I thought they'd do well for napkins. This time I got several with cute Thanksgiving applique.
Funny, I found a great plaid quilt at KMart last week, marked down on clearance. The colors were great for now with deep reds and cream. I made some new throw pillows and with the excess, I'm making a window seat cover.
It's like they say > 'Great Minds'...!
Good luck shopping tomorrow..remember you're still recouperating, so don't run yourself down trying to buy out the store!!
Oh, and I did try to leave a few things for you!!


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