How About Purple and Turquoise For A Fall TAble?

phonegirlNovember 2, 2011

Took my Halloween down and didn't want to have everything orange so used some aqua (turquoise) and purple for a change. I found this tc and napkin set, both sets of plates, vase and copper candleable ys this summer. The lg wht plates are Table mates and have leaves and acorns around the edge. Aqua plates are Ocean Crackle from Pier 1.

DGD brought me the veggies from her kitchen stash a long time ago. Put them in one of my tureens with veggies on it. She's gonna love this pot of soup when she sees it.haha Since no one took Candy up on a dish of her stew, any takers here?

Hope you enjoy looking and I'm heading to bed.Night


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Pretty table and lovely color combo.
The flatware is gorgeous and the candleabra in the center is so unique. Does it have beaded shades?

I think I'll wait until the soup has cooked a bit more, LOL

You are so ambitious to have your Halloween down already!
I'm thinking about it, but decided to distract myself by checking out the forum instead, LOL.

I'm sure Karen is going to love this also.


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Oh boy, punk...I was sold the min my eyes were drawn to the centerpc w/pinecones!!! Wow, that t'cloth is very elegant & I kept lookin' at the center & then figured out it was made that way to match the outer edges of the t'cloth! I am in LOVE w/your candleabra, the color & the beaded shades & it is perfect on this table!!!

There's just something so very, very BEAUTIFUL about the brown/aqua color combo! Your stacked placesettings are GORGEOUS...I really like those white Tablemate plates in there separating the colors!

All the candlelight is so warming ...on your beautiful buffet decor & also your table. The 'veggie stew' is too funny...I think you need to put that cover ON & let it STEAM for awhile! LOL!

The ring of keys & your napkins both so fitting for this table & then you throw in a 'whimsy' squirrel sitting on a nut bowl & it is perfect! Ahhh, another WINNER here, punk...I hope your lack of sleep was worth it! LOL! I think so! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I've never thought about turquoise for fall but it has a certain elegance to it all in itself.
I'm right behind you on taking Halloween down , it's been up awhile and I'm ready to look at something else till time to play for Christmas.
I LOVE the candleholder on your buffet with the fall florals in it.
Your plate arrangement is lovely and the flatware is a perfect accent.
As usual, job well done!

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Oh I love the color combination! Everything is just so beautiful. The centerpiece is spectacular! Well done Punk!

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That tablecloth is so neat and you sure pulled the colors out of it well with your stacked plates. You have plates with acorns and leaves in white???? Now that is neat. Love the candleholder and your silverware too. It all looks just great Punk, good job.


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Beautiful colors! And I definitely have to 'ditto' what the others have said. Once again, you've gone and done it!
Both you and Candy seem to have an over-abundance of energy and creativity...wish you could share that with me!

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

I love this color combination! Beautiful tablecloth, runner, centerpiece and the dishes are just lovely!

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Candy, the cp lamp shades are beaded. I'm surprised you didn't mention most don't use raddishes in soup.LOL It might look better cooked.

Jeanne, glad you liked the center of this tc. I don't have alot of tc and mathing napkins so was thrilled to find this set. Found this set of keys at TJ Maxx for $3.99. Not sure why they called to me but brought them home.LOL

MM, the candleabra on the buffet you like is my copper one. I pretty much covered it up with the berries and leaves.

Kath, glad you liked the cp and color combo.

Luvs, I'll have to take a close up picture of the white plates for you so you can see the acorns up close. Thought of you when I found them.

Karen, I think you could teach Candy and I a few things about decorating! You are good and have alot of neat ideas. Hope to see your purple dishes soon.haha

Marlene, sounds like you like the colors and table.Thanks

Thanks so much everyone for all your wonderful comments on this table. Good to hear you like the color combo. I must admit I forgot to add my purple plates to my stack. Opps

I had a lovely dinner with friends tonight and I'm just getting home so need to catch up on a few things.


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Why not, love the color combination & also love your flatwear, that is something I desperately need, flatwear with different colored handles.

All the clear glass on your buffet really makes it pop with the candles lit, it all sparkles.

P.S. Punk check my fall post, I left you 2 pics of Rowdy Ron, and thanks again for taking a listen to the show, Dustin will be thrilled!

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Yachter, Kathleen got me hooked on this flatware. It was purchased online and was quite expensive. I have a black set like it too. Ross carries alot of Cambridge colored flatware now and it sells for $16.99 for a set of 4. This is where I've picked up most of mine since.

I left you a post last night about RR and Dustin. Will go back and make sure it's there before checking out this morning.Thanks


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It's beautiful Punk! I love that color combo! I remember that paisley cloth I bought that you liked with those colors.
I am sorry I addicted you to that flatware! I am newly addicted. I was always happy with what I had and now I am always looking for colors! Very bad!
You did a great job with the table!

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Punk...I have PURPLE dishes?? LOL. I'd forgotten all about them. Sheesh!
And I also bought a set of keys last year, very much like yours, and didn't know WHY I bought them other than I just wanted them. ;o)

I would sincerely appreciate you Enablers NOT getting me interested in pretty flatware. I have NO use for it, I don't even do tablesettings for you to see except about once a year. LOL. So have very few cloth napkins, and even less tablecloths. Its bad enough y'all have made me buy dishes I don't USE. Like the pretty blk/wht rooster transferware! Tho at least I only buy ONE setting,
LOL. How's that for "insanity"? But I wouldn't even buy one if not for you and your pretty dishes.

Forgot to mention earlier how much I liked the way you did the big leaves on the candleabra!

hugs, Karen

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What a lovely tablesetting! The color combo of brown and aqua is beatiful for fall. And then there's the elegant beaded candelshades set off by the pinecones; and the pretty flatware. Oh, you did good! - Marann (been around a long time but usually just peek in ;)

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Kathleen, your newly addiction to flatware is funny. I have bought so many sets in so many colors since I seen your red set.LOL I should go count but I'll save that for later. Thanks for all the comments.

Karen, maybe it's time to pull out those dishes and share with us so you don't forget about them.ha Glad the leaves on the candleabra caught your eye. I covered up more than I should of. Will try to do some tweaking and show more of the copper candleabra.

Ladeeda, Welcome! So nice to read all your sweet comments on my table. Please tell us about yourself and continue to post with us. Do you decorate, do tabescapes or what are your interests/hobbies?


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