bluestar burner ignitor

gwaldJune 30, 2012

hi - I spent a lot of time looking through the forum for info about bluestar ignitor replacement. Has anyone found a replacement other than the $22 bluestar module? I'm thinking of making the switch to the viking ignitors as was suggested, but I'd rather find a source for the bluestar!

Anybody know of a place? I see the part # is BS-741801

Also, I'm looking for the gasket between the venturi tube and the burner. I don't even see that on the BS site.

(I tried tried to remove the screw to get the ignitor off but it was rusted and is now stripped. Once I get it off, I bought some stainless steel socket head cap screws as replacements!)

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Your best bet could be to directly contact Bluestar. Replacement parts like spark modules are often sourced from different makers and suppliers over time. It is useful to order such spares as a module and ignitors before needed as a precaution.

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My screws were all rusted as well and needed to be removed with a screw extractor; I called BlueStar and they sent replacements (and gaskets) for free. But I like your idea of replacing them with stainless screws -- I may try the same -- what size were they? You'd think BlueStar would have figured out by now that this is a recurring problem -- after all, water vapor is a byproduct of gas combustion.

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I got 6-32 stainless socket head cap screws that take an allen wrench and have a hefty head on them. They aren't that expensive, so I don't understand either why they would not spend a few cents to make their "design" more robust. Personally, I think it's things like this that help to give bluestar a bad name. I'm handy, so I can deal with stuff like this, but I think that a lot of people can't and don't want to put up with stuff like this! I thought that I was going to have to drill them out and I wasn't looking forward to it, but I took a torx bit and pounded it in - got it!

thx for the bluestar tip. I may call them if I can't find it locally.

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Put some Never Seize or anti seize on the threads, they will always come out.

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