Bosch 800 Plus VS. Miele Dimension (or Plus) HELP!

2LittleFishiesJune 3, 2012

We are planning to purchase the Bosch SHV7ER53UC 800 Plus series dishwasher next week. I have been reading so many wonderful reviews on the Mieles and am wondering what the differences are (& second guessing if I should spend more on the Miele.)

I guess we'd get the Miele Dimension or Dimension Plus. Of course when you do the "compare" on their website they are both exactly the same! Why do companies do that? Pretty useless.

Anyway, if anyone can give me the pros/cons to the Bosch 800 Plus compared to the Miele Dimension (or Plus) that would be so helpful. I think the Bosch doesn't have a heated dry??? Does the Miele? Is there a big difference in the Bosch and Miele overall?



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I think the biggest difference is the water softner.

With the Bosch,you are supposed to test your water for hardness level then set the softner level.

With the Miele, the DW measures the hardness level then softens the water.It manipulates the hardness level for optimum mineral content throughout the cycle. This is particularly usefull if using Perfect GlassCare cycle.

The Bosch will be a bit quieter.

An owner of the Dimension Plus says it has auto open like the Diamond but not auto close. But I don't see that on the spec sheet. This allows steam to exit out the door right after the cycle is done and aids drying. Neither have heated dry.

Using goverment test the Bosch is more energy/water efficient.Until very recently,government DW test were done with clean dishes:) Some people here on GW did some "real world test" a while ago and it was really really close.

The 800 Plus is made in Germany and is of very high quality but I think the Miele is a bit higher.

If you care about companies enviromental policies then Miele is better there too. From green non-toxic manufacturing to parts recycling. Bosch is not illegaly dumping chemicals into some river but Miele takes its commitment to a higher level than required by law.

I don't recall owners of either posting regrets and wishing they bought something else. Both seem happy with their purchase.

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Thank you so much! That was very helpful... I may just stick with the Bosch. I do love that the Miele opens when finished to help drying : )

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Don't know about environmental responsibility of either Bosch or Miele - both certainly claim to be very eco-friendly.

The Bosch also has a glass care system, mixing hard and softened water in each step of the cycle to get optimal results. Both dishwashers certainly are among the best out there. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.


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Below is the enviromental policies of each company. Read them and you be the judge.

Bosch's "Glass Care Cycle for Fine Glassware" simply lowers temperature during the cycle. Yes,it has a water softner. But it does not manipulate the hardness level during the cycle like Miele.

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Well, Bosch's literature is pretty vague on function/abilities of the water softener. I just compared the 800 Plus dishwasher to one designed for the German market and the softening system on both dishwashers share the same components. This leads me to believe that the US models are also capable of mixing in unsoftened water...

Description from Bosch UK:

Bosch AquaMix allows you to wash your delicate glasses with complete confidence. By regulating the level of water hardness in the machine and topping up with water directly from the mains it produces the best water hardness level for glass, ensuring a sparkling finish every time.


Here is a link that might be useful: Quoted source

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Do a search on Bosch, there are many owners that love their DW and many owners that hate them... I'm unfortunately in the second camp.

As for water softeners, test your water first, you might not need any water softening at all... I have a seperate water softener at home anyway, so the dishwasher softener isn't necessary.

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@twgg: i don't think many 800 (german made) dw owners hate their units.

I had a run of the mill white dw that washed dishes and had a heater that dried the dishes.

I bought a bosch 800 series and i am amazed at how clean the dishes and how much i can stuff in it and it comes out with no food anywhere on dishes.

Only thing i have to get used to is that there is water on bowls and other things that can collect water. I just have to adjust my placement strategy and try again.

Also it is silent, if it were not for the red light i wouldn't be able to tell it was running.

I picked bosch over miele only because miele in canada has ZERO deals. Only specials are free warranty or whatever. Pricing is "fixed" my miele.

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I'd think twice before you order an 800 plus Bosch. I just had one delivered and installed 2 hours ago. We waited 4 weeks to get it since we needed black and it is a "higher end" model so they don't make many in black. Well it is in now and the tech had a hard time getting it to start and run a cycle.

After unplugging it and restarting it, a cycle started to run. After 20 minutes, I noticed a large puddle of water on my hardwood floor. There was a large amount of condensation coming out the top of the door and dripping onto my floor making a big puddle.

Now to add insult to injury, it won't run a cycle again. Needless to say I am not happy. A repair guy is coming In 3 days but I shouldn't have such bad quality on a brand new expensive dishwasher.

Think twice before ordering one.

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