Portals shower door handles???

lilloJune 9, 2013

Has anybody heard about portals hardware for shower doors ? I don't see any review about them online . They have very nice looking shower door handles in different finishes and sizes . I don't know if its safe to order from them directly online or go through one of their dealers . They don't even have dealers in Ohio .
I like their symphony 8" back to back handle in polished chrome it sells for $147.00 from a site called. Knobsandhardware . I have not even dealt with that site before , but it says that it's a lowe's company .
This is the link to the site with the hardware.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.knobsandhardware.com/general/portals-hardware-l1111-symphony-shower-door-double-pull_g1264565.html?linkloc=viewNewrecommendItem3

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I know nothing about them but they are beautiful! I haven't given the handle for our new shower door a minute's thought... adding it to the evergrowing list...! I am anxious to see iif anyone else has a review.

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I just called knobsandhardware and they told me that I can order this product through lowe's (even if its not on the lowe's website ) through knobsandhardware.com .pick it up fom lowe's and if I don't like return to lowe's , no questions asked . I will do this and let you know about this product , it looks nice . I hope the quality is good too.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I purchaed a 6" square chrome handle directly from Portals website. It will be mounted on my new shower glass which is supposed to be installed today!

CR Laurence also makes the same 6" square, HOWEVER, I got two from CRL and both had scratched finishes and had to be returned. They said that is part of the manufacture process. Well, the same one from Portals, for a few bucks more, had no surface defects. FWIW.


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We have the Portals Rondo handle in both our new showers -- they were ordered (and installed) by the glass company. They are elegant, heavy, and look stunning. We've been very happy with them (the Rondo had the added advantage of going quite well with both the Ginger Empire hardware and the Grohe Somerset we have in the sinks and tubs, both of which have similar escutcheons to the Rondo). We get a lot of compliments on the shower hardware.

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Thank you Babka and ctlady for your feedback . This is what I wanted to hear . I will order them tomorrow from Lowe's . I will post my feedback on them when I get them, so it can help any other member looking into them . At lest now there will be some reviews about this brand .

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My shower handle is basically identical to the one you linked. I bought it through the shower door installer. Since a standard "C" handle came with the quote, he credited me the cost of the standard handle against the cost of the upgraded handle. You might want to check with your shower door company regarding their options first.

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