Christmas vignette help.

SheeshareeIINovember 28, 2010

And it's not on my buffet this time. :) I'm trying to do a vignette and I need some guidance since you guys are really good at this.

I normally don't have a round table here but with the tree up, furniture shuffling is a must. I'm very drawn to plaid and rustic outdoorsy things in general as of late, so that's what I;m aiming for.

I only have four pheasant feathers so if I'm going to use them in the display I think I should have at least 5, but 7 might be better.

What should I adjust, add, or take away?

Lamp lifted up on a book.

Urn lifted up.

Nothing lifted up.

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hmmmm....I'm thinking I like nothing 'lifted up'. And I don't think the frame on the easel is working with your arrangement. Do you have a pair of deer? A similar one laying down would be neat with your standing one.
I am sure others here will have good suggestions to put
something else where frame is.

I like your plaid cloth and the feel of the rustic arrangement on it.

hugs, Karen

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This idea is in our Christmas Misc album...

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How about red poinsettas at the base of the pot instead of pine cones with your feathers? This would bring out some color in your vignette. I agree about the frame on the easel, doesn't seem to work.

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I will agree about the frame in the easel - just not working. I can see a branch or two maybe sprayed white with a sprinkle of glitter snow in with the feathers. I think one shiny red ball added somewhere would bring that element of surprise .....


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I, too, agree on removing the picture/easel and nothing raised up. What imediately strikes is that it's tone on tone brown. And the plaid, although a nice one, is not particularly bright.

Rather than white and glitter - how about a branch of bittersweet in with the feathers. That way you could get down to a more pleasing odd number (3) of the feathers. Also introduces a color element in keeping with outdoorsy, natural things.

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I moved the picture and took the book away. Messed around trying to add a few new things and nothing was working (at least the ones I have) weren't working. I also tried some candles but the color red was off. White was too stark. I do have a pair of deer but they're small, glass, and have silver antelers.

Maybe it just needed fluff and some red? I was saving my picks for something else but I like it much better with.

And more..

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I am really liking it now - the deer shows up so much better now and the little shot of red just brings out the red in the plaid which is really pretty - now the feathers look much better by themselves - very nice .....


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I think I'd switch the feathers and the lamp. Currently, the lamp hides much of the picture on the wall. I don't really think you need much more. but if you want to add something, try something subtle in the color of the lampshade.

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MUCH better. I really like the result in the last photo.
Good job!

hugs, Karen

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For me, your grouping is too evenly spread out for a nice impact. I'd like some space between the lamp and the christmas things. Also, the feathers sticking up by themselves don't really have the oomph that I think you're looking for.

What do you say to placing the deer in the back, like it's prancing into view from behind the urn. Place the greenery in the urn and have it trailing down onto the table with the feathers, ornaments and pinecones intertwined. I think the greenery rising up and then draping down the right side and around to the left in front so that it connects the deer to the arrangement might work. You may need to elevate the urn with your books to contrast enough with the height of the deer.

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Thanks guys!

Duckie, I did think about that but I figured the lamp should be closer to the furniture? Honeslty though, nobody sits at that end.

Alex, Hmm... I like that idea. Sounds very elegant if I can pull it off. The greenery I have isn't going to be much for flowy though. Two of the picks are very bushy and non bendy, the other two are more flowy but skimpy and I don't have enough. I do have to make a trip to Michaels and get more greenery for my buffet now so maybe I'll grab a few extras.

"I think the greenery rising up and then draping down the right side and around to the left in front so that it connects the deer to the arrangement might work"
Continuing around or just additional greenery poking out the left side? That might be a silly question but I can't picture it.

With the arrangement you mentioned, do you mean you're thinking the urn should be up higher than the deer in the background?

It'll be a few days before I can get more greenery but I might mess with this more.

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Imagine a full ivy plant that is heavier on the right, the vines would make there way over to the left a little. I'm imagining something that looks like long, drooping branches with your goodies weaved into it. I'd put the flowing stuff in and you may be able to twist your picks into it to get the shape and then your accents would fill in. Yes, the urn may look better raised up and you'd mostly see the front half of the deer. You'll know when you put it together which way looks nicer.

Here is an example of the flow I'm talking about with different materials and larger scale. The berry swag is going different directions but you get the idea.

I'd do a quick example if I had my winter stuff out :)

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I would love to see more with the feathers. Like branches. I am kind of into bare tree branches this year. I will take a picture tonight to post. Looking good...keep "tweaking" it.

Good job.


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Alex - Thanks for posting that picture. I love that.

Calico - You mean have the feathers like branches or more branches?

I went to Michaels today. I was actually somewhat disappointed with their greenery picks. Why not make green some without berries and snow so they're more versatile? The longer ones I was going to buy, I wasnâÂÂt wild about the color and the berries were a light burgundy which wouldnâÂÂt of worked with most of my red Christmas stuff. The other ones had fake snow on them. I was going to get the plain ones and cut off the berries when I finally found the smaller picks that were just green with pinecones. I bought $30 worth (they were half off!). I need some for the buffet since IâÂÂm not using real this year but I should have enough to make something happen. : ) I went back and messed with this arrangement the other night and I didnâÂÂt have enough to make it pretty then I tried to put it back like the above and couldnâÂÂt get it to lay right. I must not be the only one that likes feathers because Michaels was clean out. IâÂÂm thinking IâÂÂm going to need quite a bit more than 4 feathers for this so IâÂÂm not sure what to do there. IâÂÂll be back later tonight or tomorrow with some new pics!

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I'm back. This was VERY challenging and is also hard to photograph. The "leaves" on the picks aren't very bendable and I don't have any foam in the urn, just plastic bags so..yeeah.

I think it for sure would need another, shorter phesant feather to sit above the single one to the left.

What do you think of this one? Maybe it looks too bushy. It looks much better IRL.

Please excuse the blue blanket that matches nothing in the room. :)

Pics with the flash look terrible!

I couldn't "flow" the feathers down the greenery because they're too long and don't bend (without breaking). I also can't have them sticking out too far out the sides because of my cats are more likely to discover them.

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Not too bushy at all! I like how full it is, but my idea of the deer in back isn't working. How about elevating the urn on a couple of books and placing the deer in front, still off to the side like it is now. Also play with the overall placement (a little to the left, maybe) to give the lamp a little breathing room. If you add more feathers, make it an odd number coming out the top. Can you stick them a little futher down into the urn? That may help.

Looking good!

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I just LOVE watching this vignette develop! I don't have the nack of putting anything like that together so it's really been inspiring to me to see how you have taken suggestions and continue to work with it. You're doing good!

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I tried stuffing the feathers in more but it just doesn't want to budge with all the stuff in there, ha. I managed to get them down a little and then thought I'd switch out the one feather and it's up higher now. They still need work.

I moved the reindeer to the front left. It doesn't look bad on photos but IRL it felt very crowded and it was touching the lamp.

Then I removed the other greenery on the table and moved the deer to the right.

What do you think?

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I think your arrangement in the vase looks really nice. I'd prefer it to the back and the deer in front myself, but you do what feels right to you. Love your plaid cloth too. Luvs

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Ah ha! I finally covered that brown pick sticking out in front that was bugging me. :)

I think I like the deer in the front.

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Hi Shee...
I loved seeing the progress that was made with your vignette.
I think the end results turned out just perfect.
I too like the deer in the front with the Greens as a 'backdrop'.
You created a beautiful setting in the corner of your room with the accessories and plaid covered table. It all looks just lovely.

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This is so elegant looking now.


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I'm a fan of this forum - usually just lurk (awful word) and get inspired by all the talent here.
I think your vignette is lovely, though you might try placing the lamp at the back left side of the table, the urn to the right and the deer to the left. The light from the lamp would flow over your arrangement a bit more. Just a thought.

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I love waking up to find more pictures from you! The arrangement looks lovely!

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I like it very much- Great Job!!!!

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What a transformation! Your table is very striking now. You have just preformed a before and after. I love the urn arrangement, looks very professional. Good Job!!! pat

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I love it! I agree with ladypat
it looks very professional.

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A lovely finish! Love the arrangement in the urn now...& that deer is delightful...beautiful lamp & t'cloths you used. Pretty cool how "holiday-ers" jump in with ideas & you can tweak until you love it! Jeanne S.

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You've got the urn exactly right. The materials you chose and the placement look great. When I look at the whole, I can't help but feel that the deer is the odd one out. Maybe it's because it should be a focal point in it's own arrangement somewhere because I feel the two are in competition for attention or it just needs to be closer to the urn so they are seen as one.
Whatever you decide, though, since YOU should like it in the end. It looks good as is and I know you have a lot more decorating you'd like to do!

Great job! It looks professional and no one would ever know that it was a challenge to get that stuff in there.

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I love what you've done with your arrangement. I've got an extra urn that I just found at GW...think I might steal your idea : ) .

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Hey guys! My internet's been down all day, ugh!

Goldedger, I feel like the "rule" is the lamp should be on the side closest to the furniture. I think I'll try that tonight because it would flow better.

Alex, I agree in the photos the deer looks distant/odd man and maybe it's the angle because it doesn't look like that IRL. I was thinking that last night actually after I got looking at the photos.

Bleigh - I had my eye out for a urn for a long time and found that one at a yard sale over the summer. It was a glazed ceramic, iridescent pearl color and I spray painted it up. $.25, woo! :) You'll have to post pics when you're done!

You guys are great! I'm still learning how to do vignettes and can get stuff started but it's like my eyes can't see past the middle to the finished result. I actually thought it was good to go before Alex made her suggestion and I like this much better. I didn't even need to use all those greenery picks I bought! Though, I'm sure I'll find a place for them as I didn't decorate above the kitchen cabinets yet.

Once I'm finished with the rest of my decorating I'll get all my finished pics posted in a thread.

Thank you all so much!

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I made more work for you, huh? Sorry about that! It looks really rich, though, doesn't it? I love how it looks with your topper.

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I have loved all your tweaking, and the thoughts of others,
and seeing your 'before' and 'after'! You nailed it with the last arrangement. I think its perfect, and hope you done! :o)

hugs, Karen

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Hi Shee! This is the first time I saw your new table topper, I'm green with envy! You and I have sooo much of the same taste in colors! lol.

You know what? I actually prefer that table in the corner instead of where it usually stays. It just fits there! It makes your LR much more cozy.

Back to your vignette. I love it, but I'm not sure of the feathers.

Also you said no one sits there, so you could get away with putting the lamp to the left of the table if you want.

I also bet if you left the table there all the time you'll find it will be "your spot" so you can sit and read a good magazine or book. :)

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