3 different manufacturers - look good together??

bicyclegirl1June 30, 2013

I'm in the process of remodeling my kitchen & have narrowed down my choices. The 3 appliance - Fridge, Range, & Dishwasher - are coming from 3 different co's. I'd like there to be cohesion w/ all & hope they look similar. I've put 2 other messages on here about the fridge & range appliances & if the reviews are good & I don't change my mind, I've chosen the Fisher & Paykal Fridge RF170WDRUX1, Bertazzoni 30" Range - either Master or Professional Series, & an 18" Bosch DW...I know, I've seen some pretty bad reviews on Bosch, but also some good ones & it works in my budget & not many 18" SS out there! Any other suggestions on the DW in my budget - less than $1000 - please let me know!

I've read not to sweat the small stuff, ie: all from the same manufacturer, but as I said, I'd like to have some cohesion w/ the same SS finish, at least, & if possible, the same handles or close.

Does anyone have input on this?

Thank you very much.

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Don't worry about it. The matchy-matchy look is considered dated because it is reminiscent of those enormous real estate developments where the developer bought all the same brand appliances by the ton. A mix of brands is more sophisticated, and you'll get a better kitchen, if you do "best-in-show". I.e. pick the appliances you like best regardless of brand. No manufacturer makes all great appliances, while some make one or two great ones with the rest of their line OK, and some don't even make all their own appliances but re-badge other brands.

Regarding stainless steel finish, you often won't find the same stainless steel finish within the same brand, so just don't worry about it. As to handles, you won't notice if they are different very quickly, and I guaranty no one else will. Plus, if they are all the same handles, it's that matchy-matchy look again.

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Thank you for your honesty akchicago! I appreciate it very much. I know the matchy matchy is over, but I'm a perfectionist - a very bad thing to be! - & like things to be cohesive. I don't think I'm going to lose too much sleep about it tho, so I appreciate your input.

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