Tile experts:Can I find tiles w/shade variation & straight edge?

Angie_DIYJune 8, 2012

I generally post in Kitchens, but someone suggested I tap the tile wisdom that resides in this forum. I am trying to find tile for my backsplash in a vintage-look kitchen. I have come to the conclusion that what I would like is tiles that have substantial color variation (probably V2 or V3), but have well-formed, straight edges. I plan to use colored, 4.25x4.25 tiles.

I have a thread going in the kitchen forum where I am contemplating various characteristics of ceramic tile as it relates to perceived richness. (http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg061311547774.html ) I have come to the conclusion that shade variation is an important factor.

I wish to evoke a vintage look similar to this:

but with tiles that have variegated shading comparable to that found in my bathroom:

However, all the tile I have been able to find so far that has straight edges has NO color variation; alternately, I can find nicely shaded, varied tiles but these all seem to be handmolded with wavy edges. I am hoping one of you can point me towards some likely sources of nicely formed tiles that vary in shade.



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Try the Walker Zanger Alhambra line. Also Pratt & Larson, the Watercolor glazes and possibly others.

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Sonoma tile. The Star line has straighter edges, and is less expensive, than the Stellar line, but has fewer color options.

Pratt & Larson. For hand-crafted tiles, they have amazingly straight edges.

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