What brand micro is this?

musky-hunterJune 30, 2012

Can someone please tell me what brand microwave is in this picture?


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Here's your photo:

Traditional Kitchen design by Other Metros Architect Christian Gladu Design

(click to see larger)

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The MW is hard to see in detail even when I click on the pic to enlarge it. But from what I can see, it looks like a GE. I think there is a knob control there? Some GE MWs have knobs (or they used to, haven't looked in a while), and Panasonic MWs have a knob. You didn't provide any information in your post about what you find so special about that MW. There are so many that look like that - can you describe why you need to know what brand that particular one is?

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Thanks. I am interested in it because we are trying to find a unit we can squeeze into a 26.5" cabinet with a 23.75" opening and that one looks like it might work.

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I cannot determine what brand is in the picture, either. Also, it is impossible to determine from the picture if (a) the the microwave space is recessed back into the wall (in which case it might be a standard size mw) of (b) if it is a shallow depth MW.

For a MW that fits a in a standard depth upper cabinet in a space 23.75 inches wide, you might look at the GE Spacesaver 2 (PEM31). Mine is 10.5" high x 23.5" wide x 12.75" deep. GE may say it is 12" deep but I say you have to allow for the cord which comes out the back.

Do you need to have it boxed-in like the one in the image? The GE Spacemakers are designed to be hung from an upper cabinet. I built some uppercabinets for my kitchen last winter and thought about building a box to to hold a countertop MW oven; it would have been similar to the box and enclosed cabinet unit seen in the image, Instead, I simply left off the box and hung the Spacemaker from the bottom of the cabinet. This was both easier and something that yielded much better ventilation around the unit.

Consumer Reports rates the Spacemaker as a middle-of-the-pack quality MW. The shallow depth might seem to be a problem when you want to use a largish rectangular backing dish (such as a Pyrex 9'x13" baking dish), The Spacemeker at least allows you to press a key pad button to switch off the turntable.

When I researched MWs back in January, it seemed that the manuals for almost every other one I looked at specifically said something like ths: "it is forbidden to run this MW without the turntable operating freely."

I did not see much of anything else that would fit into a standard depth 24" wide cabinet except for some teeny, underpowered dorm-room mws. You can expand your choices beyong the GE Spacesavers if you can add a recess into the wall.

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