Repair Schluter Jolly Profile or Leave Alone?

jaidogJune 4, 2012

I have a niche surrounded with Schluter Jolly profile. The flange of the profile is under the wall tiles. After the thinset was dry, I discovered gaps between the vertical and horizontal profile pieces. Should I leave it as-is and hope that grout will "hide" these gaps? If not, what's the best way to repair without tearing too much apart?

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The only way to fix it would be to tear the pieces (tile AND strip) out. What you might do is grout just the edge and see how it looks, and decide if you want to tear it all apart or if you can live with it as is.

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I thought of another idea. Wondering if it would work. How about inserting a small piece of profile at the corners, and grouting that in? May look better than just a blob of grout. Might end up looking something like a corner piece (which they don't make for this type of profile).

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My only fear would be that it looks like you're trying to fill that corner up with whatever you can find. Atleast with the grout, you're filling voids, just like with the rest of it.

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Good point! I think I'll try "floating" a small piece of matching metal in the grout and see how it looks. If it looks like a bandaid, I'll pull out the metal before the grout dries and smooth out the grout.

Can Spectralock fill voids this large since I believe it is non-sanded?

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