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Kathi67May 9, 2013

Is everyone given an allowance sheet when they start to build? My builder hasn't given me one yet and now he says I am over in some areas. He hasn't said I am under in anything. I want to complete this build on budget and would love to see an allowance sheet. Does anyone have an allowance sheet I can look at?

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They are all different and with different allowances based on the build. Ask you contractor for one with current totals as well so you can see where you are over line by line.

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Pull out your contract and read it again. The allowances (or the items not specified) should be included as part of the contract. Every contract is different, so someone else's particulars about their allowances wouldn't help you very much unless they were building with this particular builder in your neighborhood as well.

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Yes, first look over your contract, then ask your builder for a budget worksheet on what you have budgeted per item example ( tile-carpet allowance--granite- kitchen and cabinets allowance) I know I went over on my kitchen and granite budget and wish I would have made it bigger during the contract phase..It is very true that you need to be prepared for overages in cost when building, so many unexpected out of pocket is easy to find things you want to add in that you may have not budgeted for in your contract.. Best wishes on your build..

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