BreGalMay 18, 2012

We are building a craftsman style home with a porch and pillars and railings, etc. Our architect drew in the plans a porch with all the specs, a patio on the back of the house, a full driveway, and a walkway up to the porch. When a contractor is bidding "per plans" does he have to include all this flatwork that the architect drew in? And secondly, if a contract states that it's "per plans" and theres a line item for flatwork, is it assumed that he's doing all flatwork that's drawn on the plans?

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Never assume. If you are unsure of things, talk to your contractor about it. Typically when we release bid documents, in most cases they are a binding contract for the contractor to build and supply per plans. This is typical commercial practice, however the housing construction world is a lot more loose. Anything you are unsure about, talk about it with your builder. If you get a wishy washy answer, have him docuement exactly what he is including. Such as X amount of LF of 5' sidewalk, X amount of drive AND curb cut if required, etc.

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