Installing vent hood - Bluestar Pyramid hood

Kristen HallockJune 4, 2013

We have a 42" Bluestar Pyramid hood on order. We are installing this ourselves but since we dont have the actual hood right now I'm having trouble understanding exactly what the installation will be like

Right now our wall is down to the studs. And there is a stud running almost right thru the middle of the hood. So we need to move that or frame in a box where the vent can go directly out the back of the wall. We will be using a 90 degree elbow to vent the hood directly out the wall.

I'm not sure what part goes into the wall. Is it just a metal ductwork pipe with a damper on the outside part? Is the actual blower inside the hood?

Also, the instructions I could find online talk about mounting the hood to the studs. Ideally I think you would have 2 studs to screw into. Where are the holes on the hood that you have to fasten to the wall? Are they in the canopy?

I hope I'm making sense. We would like to get the wall ready and sheetrocked before the range and hood are delivered so that we can have them slide the range into the spot where its supposed to go.


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from what I can tell the BS hood mounts anywhere through the back of the pyramid (canopy) part of the hood into 1 or more studs. I don't think there are specific mounting holes to allow for flexibility on mounting. It says that if only 1 stud can be located that toggle bolts must be used. Obivously, I too would recommend getting 2 studs to mount to. The manual I found is in the link below.

Make sure you don't use flexible venting,

Here is a link that might be useful: BS hood install instructions

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It's def a pain in the butt. My contractor and I put it up together. Unlike most other hoods, there is no mounting bracket. That would make it a lot easier to just install a lightweight bracket and then slide the hood onto it.

But the pyramid hood isn't designed like that. You just have to hold it over your head while someone else lines it up perfectly and drills it to the wall. Just make sure you take your time and have lots of muscle handy

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks! Vey helpful!

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks! Vey helpful!

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We don't have a BS hood (VAH), but their instructions were to install a mounting strip across the studs and then screw the hood into that. I used a 1x6 with the top corners at either end cut off (due to pyramid shape).

This strip is screwed to the studs over the drywall and then our backsplash is tiled around it (and up to ceiling). The hood sits about 1/4" off the backsplash as a result. You really cant' tell unless you look very close.

Not sure what you're shooting for, but you might want to install your strip (or blocking between studs) and then drywall around/over it if you want the hood flush against the drywall.

Doing something like this would give you the most flexibility to pre-drill the holes in the hood, then get it up and leveled before putting the screws in. Less worrying about hitting a stud under pressure.

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If you have a stud running close to the center of the hood you want to look very closely at that because on most pyramid style hoods the vent pipe will also be in the center of the hood thus causing an issue for the duct to exit the room.

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Kristen Hallock

I'm not too worried about hitting a stud since we will know exactly where they are since we have the sheetrock down now. I just wasnt sure if they HAD to be at a certain spot. But it sounds like you just drill the screws into the wall at any point on the back of the hood. So we'll just be able to measure and drill them exactly where the studs are.

Maybe I am making it sound too easy. I also read the instructions and it looks like they recommend installing a board at the height you want to put the hood at. So then you can rest the back of the hood on this board while you are screwing it in and installing it. Then you dont have to be holding up the heavy weight so much while also trying to keep the hood level.

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