Choosing a refrigerator...Samsung or Electrolux?

mjseeJune 22, 2012

It's down to the electrolux EI27BS16JS and the Samsung RF260BEAESR.

I'm (probably) getting the Electrolux slide in range EW30DS65GS.

Does that inform the refrigerator choice? The appliance place didn't have the electrolux refrigerator on the I've no real idea what it looks/feels like. I liked the Samsung very much. (Samsung will be about $500 less because they will be on sale for the 4th of July...)

Thoughts? Opinions? The $500 difference could go to my hood...or an upgrade on my I'm sorely tempted to stick with my original choice of the Samsung...

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Samsung Refrigerators has won the JD Powers yearly award for several sequential years.

"Sub-Zero ranks highest in satisfying refrigerator owners with a score of 834 and performs particularly well in five of the six factors: ease of use, performance and reliability; styling and appearance; features; and warranty. Following Sub-Zero in the ranking are Samsung (820) and LG (790). Samsung performs particularly well in the price factor.

Mystery shoppers indicate that, among refrigerator brands, Samsung receives particularly high recommendation rates from major appliance retailer salespersons."

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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I've seen the JD Powers report...and was leaning toward the Samsung. Just wondered if the THS hive-mind had any other thoughts on the matter!

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This member of the hive only has experience with the Samsung -- though ours is black and has ice/water on the door; other than that it looks to be the same one. We've had it a little over three years and are very happy with it. Previously we had a KA side-by-side and much prefer the French Door design.

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Kashmi--all opinions are welcome and valid! I currently have a side-by-side that we inherited with this kitchen...I HATE it. I'd rather have an old-fashioned freezer over refrigerator. We have water/ice in the door in this fridge...still end up using the Brita pitcher. Samsung it is! Next up...counters. (But over in kitchens, not here!)

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I looking for a new fridge myself, and in the many places I have stopped in this week, all the businesses have said that finding someone to repair(should you need it) was extremly difficult on both. Electrolux has a history of ice machine failures, and because of the hardships in repair and communication with the companies, all the businesses except one, didn't even carry a Samsung to see. So...I think I'm getting a 4 door Kitchen Aid.

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We have the Electrolux. I'm not sure of the model number, but it's the CD FD with the Perfect Temp drawer, LCD lighting, and ice maker in the freezer. We've been very happy with it. It's quiet and it keeps meat and produce fresh longer. The ice maker problem was fixed a while ago. Nothing looks cheap on it, which is what I didn't like about some of the other fridges.

The main shelves are roomy, but I wouldn't exactly call the door shelves spacious. We only keep veggies in the bins, and it gets tight. I think it's best for a small family. It's probably no smaller than any other CD fridge.

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There are usually only two of us here...and we have a second refrigerator for "overflow"--storage on both looked better than my current ancient side-by-side.

I, too, had read the "it's hard to find people to repair them" complaints for both refrigerators. Most of those appear to be an issue with through the door ice-maker/water. I don't intend to do I'm hoping that will help. I will take a second look at kitchen aids -but if memory serves there was something I DIDN'T like about them. Or I'd have had the guy from Sears price it. (Sears had several Samsungs on the floor. Only thing they had more of was Kenmore.)

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Mjsee, ask about local service for these fridges at the stores that sell them. Just get a phone number for any local outfit(s) that do the work. Then, you can call to verify the number works or look into their reputation, if you want.

Service is an important issue to consider, especially when a company may have a relatively sparse repair network nationally. But if your town offers good service for a brand you like, then you should be set.

FWIW, I've been happy with my Samsung (#RFG238AARS; ice & water in the door) for ~21 months now, with no need for service as yet.

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I will check. If we buy from Sears they service everything...but eventually it will be out of warranty.

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I have an electrolux refrigerator that was bought in 2009. We have had nothing but problems with the in door ice maker. One week ago it was determined it is "unrepairable" so we are getting credit for what we paid on this one towards a new refrigerator of our choice. At the present time not only has the ice maker failed but now the fridge goes into power failure every 10 hours or so.
I am very hesitant of purchasing another fridge since our previous Amana was also a disaster.
Any advice on what a good reliable fridge is would be greatly appreciated.

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I've had my French door Samsung for a little over a year now. I like it, mostly. Decided NOT to do water and ice through the take that for what it's worth. I definitely would buy another Samsung.

Not certain I'd get another French Door. I don't find the convenience of the second door all that huge...and if one closes the right main door too hard sometimes it pops the left open just a smidge. If one leaves the room then one doesn't always hear the door alarm. Three times I've awakened in the morning to a warmer-than-safe refrigerator and had to pitch a bunch of food. (Midnight snacks, and our bedroom is at the other end of the house.) Part of THAT is just a learning curve--I now make a habit of putting my hand on the handles once the door is closed to be certain it is shut tight. Still training The Husband.

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Samsung service is to delay until their product is out of warranty and then charge for servicing the same failure that they were incapable of repairing during the warranty period.

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We went with the higher-end E-lux 36" regular depth French door model without the ice and water in the door. That last feature seems to cause the most problems in any brand of fridge, and takes up a lot of space in the refrigerator compartment.

I wanted the clean uncluttered look, as well as the bells and whistles of ramp-up LED lighting, a temp controlled deli drawer, 3 level freezer, soft close drawers, high temp alarm, etc. I chose E-lux because they were the only brand that could give me all the features I wanted without ice and water in the door. All the other higher end models with this combination were built ins or counter depth in the case of the Liebherr. I was able to design my kitchen in such a way that the space for the fridge is extra deep, allowing for counter depth installation. We don't use lots of ice, so the freezer ice maker is just fine. The only feature it lacks is the split shelf that slides back to make room for tall bottles, but I was able to arrange the shelves so that one shelf accommodates them without any sacrifice of convenience.

The fridge has worked just fine, is reasonably quiet in an acoustically live house and seems solidly built, not cheap. I would definitely buy it again given the choice.

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I bought a Samsung RF260BEAESR for my mother, it's been installed in her house for about a year.

I intentionally chose a model without and through-the-door stuff because they can be problematic.

Just spoke with her yesterday, she still raves about it. No problems, no failures, no alarms, no issues with doors popping open. She loves the lighting inside. Absolutely LOVES the lighting.

As far as Samsung customer service, I've only had one interaction and it was favorable.

I had a Samsung plasma screen that after two years exhibited the infamous the "vertical green line of death" running through the screen. One year warranty. This happened a little over two years after purchase.

Called Samsung, they had a tech come out to confirm. I paid for the house call. While the TV was well out of warranty, it only had 348 hours of use, which the tech documented through the service menu.

The proper repair was to replace the screen. The cost of the screen itself was, remarkably, slightly more than the original cost of the TV itself. The labor to replace the screen was going to be another $250 or so.

The "green line" is a known failure. I pushed through several layers of customer support and they eventually sent me a new TV at no cost and reimbursed me for the cost of the tech's house call.

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