Frameless shower door

benflowerJune 11, 2012

Hope you can help me. Just had a frameless shower door installed. There is about 1/2 in. space at the top of the door on the side that swings in and out. The fixed panel on the other side goes all the way to the top of the frame. (there is a frame at the top, but not at the bottom or sides. This does not look right. I asked the man who installed it and he said it is supposed to be that way. Can you help? Thanks

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pictures would help to be certain but I do believe this sounds correct

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The contractor came by today-- You are right. it is NOT installed correctly. He said the gap may have to be there, but probably should be less than 1/2"---it is also lower on one side than the other. Shower door man is coming back to adjust it. (hope it can be fixed without too much of a problem, but I'm spending a lot of $$$ for this door. It needs to be right.


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Yes i agree it does need to be correct, and I am also happy that the glass company is owning up to the fact that the install is not done correctly. Everyone understands mistakes can happen but what separates the good companies from the bad is how they deal with the mistakes or issues.

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