72 in vanity in a 77 inch space?

katie111June 2, 2013

We have a small master bath that we are redoing. We just completed our kids bath as well as a basement reno & went over budget on those projects so I'm trying to keep the cost down a bit in the master bath. The bathroom is small (about 6 x 9) and we're not big "bathroom people" so I just don't want to spend a ton on this project.

On the left side of the bathroom is a wall to wall vanity & on the other side is the shower & the toilet. We do not plan to change the layout as it works fine for us. However, I'm finding it difficult to find a 77 inch vanity. We could do two 30 inch vanities with a 15 inch drawer bank and a couple inches of filler but it will cost around $2500 for a quality brand. Considering getting a 72 in furniture style vanity with legs instead but wondering if it will look strange with 2 inches of empty space on either end. Thinking the furniture style would be good as we could retrieve items that will inevitably fall off the sides. We could get a 72 inch for about $800 less as its obviously a standard size.

Any thoughts?

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Yes, it will look---and work---strange. You'd be much better off to do 2 24" vanities with nothing but open space in the middle. Or if you need the storage, bite the bullet and get the cabinetry from a cabinet company. $2500 is about average for cabinets for that large of a space.

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If the vanity really looks like furniture, I think it would work fine centered on the wall. You might be better off finding a 6' console cabinet and turning it into a vanity instead of buying a vanity unit. It will probably be cheaper too.

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I actually think it would look fine if the cabinet is furniture style. I would just make sure there is enough space on the sides for painting and if things fall down the sides. I just installed 2 furniture style vanities, 72" and 60'. The 72" has 6" on the sides and the 60" has 2" against a wall on the left side. My countertop is a bit larger than the vanity base. You may want to take that into consideration. Maybe use a 60" double sink vanity if you are worried. You lose a lot of counter space though.

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I have the same dilemma and haven't resolved anything yet.

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Ditto here - I have to remeasure but this is sounding familiar

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