Bertazzoni model differences & heat question

bicyclegirl1June 30, 2013

I'm considering purchasing a 30" Berta for my newly remodeled kitchen. I've read a lot of reviews, quite a few great ones here, but would like some more input please.

1st of all, what is the difference in the Professional Series & the Master Series? From their website, I'm not finding any, other than the knobs. Is that all? I'm also torn between doing dual fuel or all gas (natural). Can I get opinions on that please? I've read reviews about the heat coming thru & heating the kitchen up some, especially for big holiday type cooking where it's going nonstop for quite awhile. Not that I do much of that! But, I live in TX & if anyone has seen the temp lately, we're hitting all time high's...107 yesterday it's only June! UGH! Plus, add on that I live in a 1949 house w/ minimal insulation. As a matter of fact this old kitchen had a ceiling fan in there that I did use on occasion. Not the most stylish thing & would like to keep that out of there w/ my remodel! Thoughts on this? Should I look for something different that doesn't put heat out like this one? If so, which one?!?!

Thank you for your advice.

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Should I look for something different that doesn't put heat out like this one? If so, which one?!?!

You Should!!!

Look at any Induction Range or cooktop and wall ovens.
If you have the budget, and "had to have a range", I would look at the Viking Induction range. You can get color choices and the thing looks like a "Classic Range" rather than the more modern lines of the competition, (except the Euros ones), Ilves, and a couple I posted about earlier, ---butttt--- Unfortunately not available in the US.

The induction will not heat your kitchen, (so you "may" freeze in the Winter), but it will boil water faster, have better & faster control of temps, and better control of low end temps, melting chocolate, holding delicate sauces----etc etc!

If you can't swing the price of the Viking, then most any Induction cooktop will out perform any gas range or cooktop as far as the parameters I outlined above, Oh and I forgot about the cleaning, No comparsion Induction vs anything else!!! Induction wins "Hands down" or up, even !

There are far better ovens with separate units, (Non ranges), and a big advantage is, that with separates, first You have more room to work, (IE) I'm on the induction cook top and wife is using the oven---She doesn't hafta say, "Step Aside so I can get into the oven". Another advantage is in the advent of a failure, you could still have a functioning oven or a cooktop, where as a "Complete Meltdown" could happpen to a range, so you are in "BBQ City" until it gets fixed!!!

Just some things to "Think About"!


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Gary, thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately, my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp! No room for cooktop AND wall ovens! I'm not as concerned about the gas burners warming my kitchen up, but have read reviews, on here & else where, that the Berta's have heat that comes from the oven & heat the kitchen up. I'm curious if the Berta dual fuel electric oven does that like the gas oven does. I'm using a GE Profile dual fuel now & when I'm cooking away on a day that's 107+ outside, it can warm up in there. But, it's not that bad most of the time.

Induction sounds great, but I have copper pots & have read you can't cook w/ them on induction. You can get a certain piece you put under your pot to make it doable, but I don't want to deal w/ having to have that every time I cook. I do like all of the aspects of it, tho. Maybe another kitchen someday!

I appreciate your feedback very much. Thank you.

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Any range oven will put heat out into the kitchen simply due to its size and the length of time it takes to heat to temp. Our DD has a Wolf dual fuel and that gets quite hot when even one of the ovens is going. I have a Miele wall oven and don't use it a lot during the summer even though our house has central air. It does heat up the kitchen and the fan blows hot air when it's turned off so the electronics don't get cooked.

Sounds like a Breville counter top oven -- those come in 2 sizes -- would be good summer solution plus, of course, the microwave.

Having started with a Viking kitchen 10 years ago, which I'm swapping out as things break down, I wouldn't recommend their range or any of their products. A friend of mine bought the Electrolux induction range and loves it but it's a completely different style than the Berta.

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Thank you rococogurl! I think I'll just keep grilling outside for the summer! As you said, no matter what I get, it's going to heat up the kitchen some anyway. I was curious if the electric oven on a dual fuel was less hot than a gas oven. I guess not! Now, is it better to cook w/ gas oven or electric oven? Or, does it really matter? I can go either way in my kitchen.

I appreciate your advice & input!

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Gas vs electric in an oven is really a choice/preference. There is no better/worse. I've had both in various kitchens. Gas is a moister heat than electric.

Before I paid extra for dual fuel though, I'd check on how reliable the oven calibration might be and how any adjustments that might be needed could/not be made. With Berta gas, there's no temp below 275 and an oven thermometer is a must because the thermostat markings aren't all that precise.

An advantage of dual fuel should be more precision in oven temp -- on my wall oven I can make a 5 or 10 degree adjustment f.ex. If a dual range doesn't give that ability, I don't see the advantage for the upcharge.

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